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  1. I got it running and took the car out for a ride. All was well when it started missing again. Then it stopped dead in its tracks. Im dead sure that it ran out of gas, but I put some gas in there and then nothing, nothing, nothing! I had a friend of my dads tow it home for me, got home still nothing! What is going wrong? Anybody know?
    Thanks, josh.
  2. Readjust the timing witha timing light.
  3. I would if I could get it to fire off.
  4. poping means you off on timing check your plug wires/timing.
  5. The plugs are roasted, melted, not good. They are bosch platinums, what type of plugs should I get?
  6. Bosch platinums? when you go back to autozone tell them those plugs suck. Buy only motorcraft tune-up parts, my cars were always picky about it.
  7. Replace em with some Autolites from the parts store. Platinums suck.
  8. densco....and if you got lean enough to melt your plugs you might want to check your A/F ratio (im not gonna list em but look into the symptons of being lean). Bosch is junk anyway....what did you pistons look like when you pulled your head off. was there any little scratches/dings in them like you have detonation.???
  9. The pistons look very good no light spots or pits. I still cant get it to run. Im stumped. I also got some new plugs and they are autolite 764's. I thought this was the problem but now luck, not a hint of a pop or even running. Are there any sensors or anything that that I probably tripped, it has excellent fuel pressure. Im going to pull the injectors off and see if it is self priming or not.
  10. I seem to like Autolite or Motorcraft, none of the fancy ones have ever worked for me.
  11. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  12. Alright, Im getting fuel to the injectors but none comes out. It has a good ground and the wiring is good, so is this a power issue? What are the injectors hooked up to, to make them pulse?
  13. I found the prob. The distributor gear is toast. it sheared half the teeth of of it.

    Again thanks for the help guys.

  14. You found the problem, or just one problem? You seem to have more than one.
  15. Naw I found the problem, first the headgasket blew, fixed that, and then the distributor gear shreds itself. You sayin I have problems? LOL
  16. I'm noy saying it, but I suspect it.

    I'm just wondering why the HG blew out so badly and then the sparkplugs melted after that. If the distributor gear fragged like it did, I would be concerned about the auxillary shaft and oil pump too.
  17. Sorry should have been more specific, What happend was when the head gasket blew, it had been missing out about a second then boom, then I fixed that and it was still missing out then the dist. went south, then I pulled the plugs thinking that it might be the plugs(which they were crap anyway they didnt have a complete meltdown like a nuclear reactor, just burned enough to be screwed. ), but it was the dist. that took a crap on me. Anyway hope clears it up. How the heck does a dist gear strip? BTW: the imput shaft is fine looks new.
  18. Sounds like your engine leaned out something terrible. How is the fuel system?

    I have no idea how a 2.3 could eat the distributor gear. On 302s, the gear sometimes wears out from high volume oil pumps or not being compatible with the cam(roller cams need steel gears, flat tappet cams need an iron gear).
  19. Actually 2.3's are VERY susceptible to lunching aux shaft/distributor gears. I don't really know why, I believe the cause generally is oil pressure spikes caused by cold oil or whatever. Puts too much of a load on the gears and they strip.

    Have you pulled the aux shaft to check the teeth on it? If you just got the distributor gear chewed up, that's easy enough to replace, but if the teeth on the aux shaft gear are messed up too, you gotta replace it.

    Also, though this may not be your problem, when I first put my new engine in my TC I had a "new" distributor in it. It was cranking and getting fuel but wouldn't start. I swapped out the whole distributor for the one on my old engine and it fired right up. I never found out if it was the TFI module itself or the PIP thing inside the transmission that was bad :shrug:
  20. Man it's like 1 problem after another. I had a car like that once and I sold it. I never liked it to begin with it was a 86 cutlass cerria with a 2.5 and the thing was a pos but it was my first car.