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  1. yeah the imput shaft is in good shape, I saw the oil press gauge and it was well up there when it died, I ordered a new distributor and tfi from napa and it will be here wednesday. I cant wait! Actually this is my first car, I was in line to keep the old 95 gt, but I thought it would be smart to buy a special edition mustang that was 22 years old and not really dependable. Im on the third head gasket in five months. The fuel ststem is def. up to par, ive had base fuel press. at 50 with it unplugged runnin 25+ psi and it hasnt ran out yet, and I was only running 40 with it unplugged and 9psi. I point my finger at the plugs. only thing that sucks is the sun was right on the a/f gauge so I couldnt tell if it was going bad.
  2. Dude, if you hate the car so much, sell it to someone who wants it and buy something else.
  3. Well that is what I intend to do this summer, I have a love-hate relationship with this car, when it runs good I absolutely love it when it runs like garbage I obviously hate it. I overall like the car, it rides nice it corners very well and it gets good gas mileage. 351wcoupe has first dibs on it.
  4. Alright the last question for this thread, would having the temp. sensor unpulgged make the oil pump work harder leading to sudden shearing of teeth on the dist.? I bought a new temp. sensor for it, because I dont think that the old one works, but I cant for the life of me get the old one out. Oh yes and also I made a custom water/alcohol injection system for it, so I cant wait to use it:D
  5. The temp sensor and oil pump are not even distantly related to each other. However, I don't think the ECU will come out of closed loop if it doesn't know when the coolant goes above ~140*. Thats why the idle stays high until the temp starts to creep after doing a cold start.
  6. Ok, I think this will be the last post on this thread, I got the distributor from napa, and it is one from a 2.3l on like a 91lx, I specifically told the dude it has a turbo and it is an svo, but oh well it happens, So I was wandering can I put a cap and rotor off the newer style dist. on the dist, and it run? Or do I have to have the svo cap and rotor?

    Thanks everyone for the help.

  7. Well, both Napa and Autozone list the '84 2.3EFI distributor and your "91 LX" as the same part number.
  8. Ok, thanks.