The Law about your Warranty.

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  1. Long story short the law states that a warranty can only be denied if the aftermarket part you put on caused the failure. Example, our Cat Back exhuasts won't cause our A/C to quit working. Therefore your 'friendly' Ford dealer by law cannot void your warranty.

    Check it out here:

    Now that your informed....go get em boys!

  2. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of dealerships who fail to realize the above until you bring legal action against them (and by that time, it's a lengthy headache). :bang:

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  3. Stiffler....DUDE! Man, you've whored this post on 3 different forums as far as I know! It's great that you think you've stumbled across some long lost bit of information that will help us all... The truth is most of us already know this as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. It sounds really good, but in practice it's a pain in the butt!

    For example.... You take your car in to the dealer to have some warranty work performed but the dealer says it won't perform the work because you modified the car and have voided the warranty. Now what are you going to do? Jump up and down and scream at them? Cry and stomp your feet? Wave a copy of the Magnuson-Moss Act in front of their face? They are just going to laugh at you! You will have to sue them (Ford). Now unless you have deep pockets and a LOT of time to waste, who's going to win this court battle? Ford, or any major auto manufacturer has WAY more lawyers than you do I bet.

  4. LOL, yeah I've put it on a few forums trying to let everyone see it. I realize that this isn't the "magical solution" to everyone's problems but I thought it may help a few. It's something everyone should be aware of weather they can take advantage of it or not.