The Lets Find The Vibration Thread !

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TOOLOW91, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Brand new wheels and tires road force balanced when the build was done
  2. The pilot bearing is blown out so bad in the thing I can move it from end to end in the crank I think we found the problem z
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  3. HOORAY!!!!

    Not that you are having so much fun that you can't contain yourself pulling the trans twice, but so glad to hear that you found a relatively easy problem to remedy!
  4. @84Ttop i am sure you could understand the pleasure of knowing it was a 20 dollar part!

    This is all my own ignorance and i know better, I used the bearing i had in there being an skf i didnt want to stick a chinese bearing in it so when i put the car together i let it roll knowing like an ******* that the crank was out of the motor cleaned etc i shouldve changed it but you live and you learn. I am going to use the new flywheel and dowel kit and call it a day and hopefully this is it for vibrations !
  5. Don't feel bad man, been there done that more than I would like to admit.
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  6. but what a feeling when you figure it out!....i just went through a similar issue!
  7. I'm waiting to hear the final verdict. It sure would suck if the car was STILL vibrating after all this?
  8. If it is ill push it off a pier . I worked a double last night so I am just waking up today I may go and work on it later well see
  9. Alright so its all together , No more vibration until 4k. 4k up into 5k and it kind of smooths out again. It drives like it did before we had the issue when i woulnt put it in boost before it was tuned no vibrations on the low end car drives smooth. At about 1050-1100 if you are stopped right before the idle settles you get a small shake in the wheel like we had but goes away as soon as the idle settles.

    Ill put it this way its much better that i am not scared to drive it any more. My next move is to swap the motor mounts out . It has 50 resto cheapy poly mounts in it and maybe try a rubber mount and see how it is .
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  10. I just want to say I am disappointed at the ungratefulness I am seeing trying to get rid of something I worked so hard at tuning into your car! But seriously every suggestion being offered is all looking to help so I would always recommend someone throwing their ideas into the mix. I am far from an expert I just enjoy playing with cars and have been lucky to be around allot of them over the years to share what I have learned through many good friends, mentors, and time experimenting on different combos... I am glad you are making progress Jeff !
  11. So in a leap of faith i changed the motor mounts to a stock convertible mount. Same :poo: its actually worse. Pulled the blower belt. Wacked the motor up to 4k and same vibration so once again that rules it out.
    So hears what i am left with -
    Clutch - ( was never an issue before but it hasn't been changed)
    Balancer - ( Has great reviews but who knows at this point)
    Internal balance issue- Leaning toward it.
  12. So i ordered the poly trans mount and am gonna reinstall the motor mounts with it and see if it does better then before.
  13. After checking the clutch I'd pull the balancer. If they checked out ok I guess I'd either pull the moter or just romp it until it came apart(stock block right). Is it possible mains are wondering on you? Read that somewhere. He never had an oil issue or any other problems. He developed a "vibration". Eventually pulled it out and found the cracked block!:( I sure hope it's a defective balancer or some other "small" $$ part. Good luck
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  14. This is still going on?
  15. Yup it is I am wondering if I bent a rod at this point . I am close to pulling the motor out and apart soon

    My biggest thing is like if it was gonna come apart on my if it was internal why hasn't it at this point
  16. And if it is a case of the motor is hurt I may look to just put an exp motor or something in it just to let it ride but who knows
  17. Do you really think you have a bent rod? do you have good oil pressure? and is your engine knocking or smoking ?if not i said before change the trans mount so it will match the engine mounts.
  18. There is no knocking or smoking oil pressure is fine . I have first hand seen a motor with rods slightly bent enough to still run fine but have issues . I have the TRANS mount coming but that is just. a band aid in my
    opinion it doesn't explain why there is a shake that it shouldn't have . I'm all over the place my budget is not fitting in another bottom end right now so I may just run it for now and well see
  19. I have too seen engines run fine too but had other problems. But you said you changed the engine mounts to stock convertible mounts and it had more vibration than the poly mounts. Okay so you when install the poly mounts motor/trans that vibration should stop.
  20. I'm sure as hell hope so lol
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