The life of a clutch?

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  1. Mine seems to be slipping and my car only has 18,000 miles on it. Ive noticed that on normal take-off, the car starts to stutters sometimes from the clutch not catching. And even worse when I chirp into second gear. Could the problem be something else? Im hoping it is the clutch just so that i could get it replaced by FORD.
  2. Do you have an auto??

    A properly broken in clutch should last at least 60000 miles or more. does it rev really high and then eventually catch or by stuttering do you mean it is a bit jumpy??
  3. Mine has 60,000 and i dont think it slips, or it might... because i really never see marks behind after i rev and drop or it hit second hard... im scared
  4. if your foot is on the gas and your in gear and the car is just revving and not moving or it is revving and barely moving. you need a new clutch. I hammer it into second all the time. I dump the clutch from the line when I go to the track too. :D
  5. Mine should be properly broken in. i mean i never dumped the clutch or banged the gears until 500 miles. When i chirp second, the car stutters as the rev starts to drop, it catches, then bogs. Its done that twice so far. But im not too suprised at this. it is really strange but my car is a lemon.
  6. I don't know what it could be but I would definately take it back to ford. It sounds like something that would be under warranty though. :D
  7. Can the clutches from the GT and cobra fit into the V6?
  8. I would think the GT clutches could but not the Cobra. GT's have same transmission.

    We have t45 right? or t5?

    and why are you saling all that stuff from your car? I thought you were keeping it?
  9. So is it worth it to get the GT clutch? will it grab better than our stock clutch?

    And well, now that im keeping the car, i have a lot of new plans for it. This is what i plan on doing:

    - Black exhaust tips
    - Black lettering on the bumper
    - Going a size smaller to 17s on the Black Bullitts (gain some power back)
    - Softer springs

    Im in such a big ass debt b/c of the accident. Somebody please buy my stuff!
  10. Umm... a clutch should last 60,000+miles depending on how hard you drive the car. My '03 GT has 20K miles on it already and my clutch is still going strong... my '88 GT had 79K miles on it before I replaced it with a SPEC Stage II.

    As for a new clutch why don't you look to the aftermarket for one instead of getting a GT clutch? I would think it would be better than getting a ford one.
  11. My cars a lemon. My differentials have broken and almost my whole transmission has been rebuilt already. I guess i do drive the car hard sometimes but how can a clutch go out so quickly? I do know for sure that its the clutch slipping b/c it has all the signs of it.

    Id like to get an aftermarket clutch but theyre way too expensive. But maybe Ford can cut me the difference and install it for me? And will the clutch get shorter or will i have to get an adjuster for that?
  12. When I was shopping around for a clutch, I found the aftermarket ones way cheaper then fords OEM clutches. I got a Centreforce stage 1 clutch and installed it myself, which I did in my apartment buildings parking lot. If you have some patients and basic tools it can be done. It cost me ~$350 US do to the TOB, Clutch, and Plate. And 2 days of blood, sweat, and tears.

    I hear Spec is pretty good as well, in fact next time that is what I'm going with. I did this while my car was under warrenty. I did it myself cause ford told me the clutch isn't under warrenty. Bastards. although the TOB is but they said to do the clutch as well, but I would have to pay for it, there just wouldn't be extra for the install since they would be in there already replaceing the TOB, which was squeeling like a mofo.
  14. Damn, thats a really long install. What exactly did you do to the Plate and what is a TOB? Ford better be diff over here in the states. how can a clutch not be covered under warranty. thats some ****.
  15. I have 65K miles on my car and am just about to replace the clutch. It's not slipping, but the throwout bearing is squealing a like a pig. Going with a SPEC Stage 1 clutch. Cost me about $180.
  16. I have 77K on mine and still going strong after multiple beatings on the car
  17. I replaced my clutch at 75K.
    I put in a spec stage 1 clutch and love it!