Mach 1 the mach 1`s competition?? pics!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by oogtdude, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Call me crazy, but I kinda like it, definitly could use a little more character but I like it. :shrug:
  2. Nice

    Kinda like it myself also, Does it come in a 6-speed or just an auto?
  3. I will give GM credit with one thing. The fact that they brought a car back and gave it power like it should have. Unlike the Monte Carlo SS, and the newer Impala's with the V-6. How can you bring back legendary names like that, and give them a V-6??? And then have the nerve to put an SS badge on it???
    So..with that in mind, looking at the GTO...good for them. About time.

    OTHER THAN THAT, I hate it, and I think it looks like a Grand AM with a weight problem.

    STick with the STang.
  4. It looks better in black. The Car and Driver article used kind of a beige colored one, which was very bland looking(kind of like the color beige :D ) I predict the car will sell well it's first and second year because of the GTO name, then sales will fall dramatically because of the bland looks and the poor reliability. Car and Driver found a lot of quality problems on their re-badged Holden.

    I just find it hard to fathom why they made the car so heavy (reportedly around 3800 lbs.). Too much weight to be a good autocrosser.

    Oh yeah, one other thing. I agree about the Impala and the Monte Carlo. I've driven the MC and it's a piece of crap. The Impala has the Grand Prix engine and super charger, which I think is worthy. However the front wheel drive is the joke with the SS. 260 HP is just too much for a front drive car.
  5. nice interior-ford could take some classes on that, but overall it looks like a big caviler to me?
  6. GTO=bloated RWD cavalier

    The only good car to come out of GM's camp this next year will be the Solstice. That should be a true sportscar....that is if they can make it track in a straight line and turn less like a minivan.
  7. Looks nice inside & out, but since it weighs ~ 3725 lbs, it's kinda fat for my tastes...

    I don't like the FAKE DOHC plastic valve covers either... :notnice:

    I can't wait to run into one on the street. :D
  8. Typical Pontiac plastic crap, all of their cars have extra plastic and crap all over the place. :D
  9. the mach 1`s competition and all at about the price of the Cobra :rlaugh:
    Some how I'm not impressed, there's ton's of Grand Pricks around here :shrug:
  10. That interior is sharp.. The leather looks like leather, not what Ford gives us.. The exterior is something to be desired..

    But I think the GTO is geared towards people that remember the the original GTO.. They've grown older and want a refined car with subdued styling.
  11. cross between a sunfire and grand am - and fat too

  12. That was my first thought too...I thought it looked like a Grand Am or a Cavalier...I don't like it at all.
  13. looks kinda like a soccer mom's car with some balls and no sliding doors!

  14. Nice car Can't wait for the first one to make the mistake of messing with me
  15. Alot of haters out there...

    The manual version will eat up auto Mach1's all day long. They trap 103-104mph which is plenty. If you guys think that 3700lbs+ is too fat, well then I guess you dopnt like the 03 cobra either.

    This car wasnt designed for autocross :lol:, its a full size sedan for christ's sake. It is a sedan with balls, for those people that dont want to buy a mustang and fit 2 children in the tiny backseat (same with a 4th gen fbody).

    Take it for what it is...a heavy sedan with some get up an go. Mustang GT's and auto Mach 1's be scared, other than they arent a problem.
  16. I think most would have loved to see the Cobra come out a tad lighter but comparing a Cobra with 360-380RWHP to a GTo with 293RWHP is just crazy :lol: It's power to weight baby, they both have the weight but the Cobra has the POWER.

    This is just a reworked 02 Fbody if you ask me, the 02 Z made about 300RWHP with the manual tranny and the GTo is about the same. At least 60 RWHP less than the Cobra for about the same money out the door. Plus good luck on spare parts in the future, I don't see this car lasting 3 years of production in this form. :rlaugh:
  17. Isn't it a coupe not a sedan??

    Also, there was a bone stock Mach (auto) at the local track about a month ago who ran 13.5, I wouldn't be that scared of the GTO. :shrug:
  18. There was one at my track (auto mach1) that ran [email protected] with CAI and DR's.