Mach 1 the mach 1`s competition?? pics!

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  1. I cant wait for the first mistake. They are going to take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it. All they will see is GT.
  2. My point is dont underestimate the GTO. This car will easily trap 104's all day, and with a good driver maybe more. People slam the GTO because they think the Mach1 will smoke it. To me, smoking a car isnt by 3/4 of car. Smoking a car to me is putting 5 lengths on them. Dont forget, the GTO wasnt even broken in yet.

    As far as your dyno got 280rwhp with a K&N! Maybe you got 5-10rwhp from it, that would put you at 270-275rwhp stock. Whats your point? Your numbers are similar to the other guy's numbers.
  3. Yea that K&N was a great mod I only pull 278.9RWHP with the paper filter in place :lol:

    To me 3/4 car length is quite a bit on a short street run even my GT will make it close for awhile and when comparing a car that you have a hard time getting for 34k to a car you can get for sure 25k or less I just have to laugh. Like I said the street isn't the place to see how your car runs, it's a properly perpared track with controled launchs. :owned:

    BTW I had a very good tune from Ford with the old style heads a simple dyno tune to put the car where it should be from the factory usually puts these cars over 290RWHP and many 04's have been 282-287 bone stock from the factory.

    An 01/02 Fbody is much more of a threat than a over 3700lb grand prick and they both make right at the same RWHP........I'm shocked that the GTO only traps at 104mph since it's has that much HP, I guess the weight really drags it down Mach's trap 105 to 107 around here and Fbodies more than that. :spot:
  4. Thats a good heads up about the filter, I hope you already posted about it not being worth it so the other Mach1 owners dont waste the money. :rolleyes:

    As far as th 3/4 of car in a "short race", they raced to 100mph which is almost 1/4 mile for you mach1 and GTO guys. Seems like a decent length race to me :shrug:

    Its funny how people bring up money too. "Oh, well they spent this much on their car and I didnt...blah, blah, blah" Get real dude. If you could afford the mid 30's price tag you'd probably get a cobra. Some people want a sedan feel with some getup and go, thats why they get the GTO.

    Not trying to argue here...
  5. I think the K&N is a very good value for those of us that maintain our cars to peak performance. Paper filters aren't 5 bucks at the Walmart anymore. For the price of a little over 3 paper filters I can clean this one every 5k miles and pick up a HP too.:shrug:

    I think it's funny that people that don't want to bring up money skip the Cobra that can be had for 1500 to 2000 dollars cheaper out the door :rlaugh: We'll find out this sping when the track opens and then I'm sure you'll be ragging on the GT's in your selective world of comparsions, but you better hurry the 05 maybe just as fast as the Mach.

    I for on agree with MMFF when they picked the Mach 1 (April 04). I've brought 3 cars in 3 years 01/02/03 and wasn't even in the market for a car when I brought this for 29k before all the rebate and such. If I wanted a Cobra there was one for a little over 32k right on the lot.

    If I wanted to build a fast race car I'd get an old one like you have and make it fast. This is a keeper for me and my next car will be an 07 Cobra. But I hope they bring in a 425hp NA Boss or something because I just don't like power adders and that's just the way I am.
    :banana: :hail2:

  6. hey loser...pushrod engines dont last as long.. ford was using pushrod till 95...they went ohc..modular for longer lifespan "patrol cars"...pushrod does produce great tq..but its a rough power delivery..vs smooth in my should worry about the gallon of oil a month they lose...they cant even get there piston and rings figured out..get over the fact that chevy flat out has crappiest build quality....the plastic covers are to appear as dohc..dick head...they need to do something to change the looks of there oldass tech...whats your pos have 200k miles on that thing?..go get a new gtO and race BlTCH! less see how fast that oil tanker is!!

  7. where can u see coilovers or plugs sticking out?
  8. I am almost certain its an Auto. The man can drive his Formula is the second fastest full interiored bolt on LS1 as well. oogtdude I think he was talking about the GTO having coil on plugs.
  9. loser - pushrod engines dont last long? Thats the dumbest thing I ever heard. You just lost all credibility azz. I havent heard of too many factory engines dieing from damage caused by a bent or broken pushrod. :rlaugh: You make me laugh. LS1's pull just as smooth as DOHC cars. Infact, most cobra owners I know that have driven both cant tell the difference, but you can huh? :owned: I believe Ford has had MULTIPLE recalls on previous cobras, and I have yet to see one (except for the oil consumption) on the LS1. That motor is pretty stout other than that. As far as my LT1, I have 55k on the clock and I'd blow your doors off in a heart beat. Doesnt burn any oil and it runs good.

    Sleeper - Yes, I am talking about the LS1 motor having the covers (GTO's and C5's). For some reason the meat head above is dead set on thinking its to make it look like a DOHC motor :bs:
  10. This thread sux. So much for comparing the GTO and MACh1.
  11. I agree; however, my whole point was to show that the GTO is formidable and not as slow as everyone seems to think.
  12. I agree too. :D
  13. I think it will be quick. Its just a couple of boltons away from twelves. And Bolt ons work on LS1s like they work on 03 Cobras. Don't get started on what happens with heads cams and intake work too. Its also easier to increase the displacement too. Do not forget what 30 years of short block developement can do. So don't count it out. But the 03 cobra will still eat it for lunch and dinner.
  14. 2 Things...

    1) The trunk is only about 9 cubic feet big. That's because this POS failed the U.S. rear collision tests, and they had to move the fuel tank, thus killing part of the trunk (Also, no pass through to the back seats)

    2) I'm surprised it only has 245/45's on them. Heck, the F-bodies had 275/40's
  15. GTO Sales Figures

    I saw this posted over on Hmmm, last time GM had trouble selling high performance cars, they stopped making them! Just for comparison sakes, there were over 5,000 2003 Mach 1's ORDERED before a single car even came off the assembly line!

  16. That sux. I hate for any American car to suck. When our competition fails everyone suffers with half baked products. We need more rear drive competion. Do you know why the T-Bird sux so bad? No competition. It became an old mans car. This country needs more sport sedans, the Germans and the Japanese (I heard the skyline is US bound) are walking all over us in this segment. :notnice: