the metal radiator tube4 1996 cobra where?

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  1. where can I get that metal tube that has the add and drain plug on it for radiator? it has surface rust on it and id like to replace it. anyone know where you can get it? ive seen some that was chrome.
  2. It's called the "coolant crossover tube." IIRC, it *might* be a discontinued part (or perhaps the 1/4" plug on top of it was - can't remember :shrug: ).

    Not sure who (aftermarket) sells a chromed version - might want to check with several vendors or consider having your factory piece locally chromed to save some money.
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  4. wow, thanks got a picture,price and part number and place to order it. thanks a bunch. Im gonna try and sand mine down and paint it. if it comes out bad ILL prob end up ordering one.