the mods are getting strick!!

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  1. the mods are getting strict!!

    whats up with all these threads getting shut down in the past couple of days?? my satellite thread was taken completely off, i have no idea why, i was questioning the legality of some products. then the cops thread is shut down. i cant find a reason for that one either. i was letting everyone know what the cops are doing if profiling us because we have nice cars and loud exhaust. that is nothing that we are doing wrong. so whats up with all this stuff??? not trying to be a PITA i was just wanting to know the reasoning behind the closing of the threads.
  2. I hear ya man...not sure whats gotten into them lol. Not too long ago, we could get away with darn near anything lol. We were actually wanting some threads to be closed and people to be banned.

    From not caring at all, to being under the microscope in like a few weeks haha.
  3. There are plenty of forums out there if you want info on illegal satellite hacking.

    There is also this website called Google that you can use to determine the "legality" of satellite hacking, you might have heard of it?

    Also, there are several cops here, it is not right to disrespect them all by saying things like "all cops are ______". That is like saying "all Mustang drivers are ______"

    Try making better threads and oh by the way read the rules.
  4. i can understand the street racing threads but some of it is getting a little rediculous
  5. i think the cop thread was closed because the last post was outright bashing police...not discussing the situation in an adult manner.
  6. the cop thread was closed because the child who made the last comment......:flag:
  7. i wasnt trying to get info on how to do something illegal, i was wondering what i was looking at was legal b/c all the sites said it was 100% legal. if someone had stated that the devices themselves were legal but you also needed a card which was illegal that would have answered my question to begin with. about the cops stuff, i dont have a problem with ALL cops. i ride 4 wheelers with about 6 guys that are on the sheriffs dept every other sunday. i do have a problem when my fiancee and i are accused and searched like we were criminals!! i was asked by about 20 people what was going on b/c they saw me beside the road on the hood of a cop car being frisked! i would have given my consent for them to look at my car.
  8. SN is one of the more laid back stang sites around, we get away with a lot more than would be tolerated at other sites. Besides, if you're not breaking the law and have nothing to hide, why worry about cops? Oh yeah, they're the bad guys :rolleyes:
  9. BTW Kilgore i just read the rules and i didnt see anything that said asking questions was not allowed. would you be nice enough to point that one out for me??:D
  10. Maybe later...
  11. the only thing i have to worry about is the embarassment of looking like a criminal when i have done nothing wrong. i dont have a problem with police doing their job.
  12. 1. Common sense.
  13. i'm just messin with you killy:) , like i said before i'm not here to start a war i was just wondering why the threads were shut down. now that i have read the last response on the cops thread i see why, and i do agree that it should have been shut down. not all cops are dicks in fact they are almost always willing to treat you with respect if you do the same for them.

  14. maybe next time read the post, before asking why..????:nice:
  15. ok guys, thats all i wanted to say. i'm out of this thread!! i dont want everyone pissed at me!!

    :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign: :SNSign:
  16. Pop quiz!
    You asked the question, I provide the answers.

    All of the above

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