The Mustangs That Never Were.....

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  1. I would drive the crap outta #13 the Mustang Milano!!! :flag:
  2. Pretty sure that last one was the concept for the '05's, which actually went into production. You can even buy that hood for it now (almost did for my '11). Some of those were hideous though! Good post.
  3. #15 looks like a Delorean and a Fox Mustang had sex and popped out that ugly thing
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  4. The '05 did have a very strong resemblance but the end result was very different. I had a pic of them side by side once and it's a pretty extreme difference in height and width among other things.
  5. Bahahahaaaa!!!!:lol:
  6. i like the falcon taillights in the 5th one almost makes me want to get another 1st gen falcon.
  7. I would have bought that station wagon version. Very cool indeed. I remember back in 92-93 when they were ending the fox and the Ford execs wanted to replace the V8 RWD version with a FWD probe style. There was so much backlash that they dropped that idea. I would have preferred the Rambo version.
  8. sigh...
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