The New Blue Moon Forum Style Released

Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. We have just updated the Forums to the latest design and look to start to fit in with our site wide redesign. For those of you who like a clean and crisp look, this one is for you. Just follow the link below to flip on over. This is now the 'default' style for the StangNet Forums.

    For those of you 'DARK' people... ;) I will be working on a new look for you as well.

  2. That scared the hell out of me when I signed on again.
  3. :hail2: :cheers:
  4. thanks for saving the old skin :D
  5. member garages?

    How do you get to the member garages now? :shrug:
  6. Next few days I will be integrating everything back in. ;)

  7. Is it just a skin, or will there be new stuff?
  8. Personally since I found this darkmoon skin, I like it alot better.
  9. I like it !!

    Thanks !
  10. It hurts my eyes. I put the old one back.
  11. Nice job Mike. :nice:
  12. really like the new look guys.......hotwheels
  13. i turned it back to the old way
  14. love the new look, makes each post easier to differentiate (sp?)
  15. I wish you could make it look like im working, when im stangnetting it up. Theres something for you to work on!
  16. What's the problem????

    Since you've gone to this "new look" forum, every time I visit the site I have to send for a new password. My old password doesn't work and it won't "remember" the new one I put in the last visit. I have to log in every time now. If this is the new, I want the old one back!
  17. Sounds like someone is having cookie troubles...
  18. Yeah, it's not showing up. :shrug:
  19. yeah i like the new darkmoon. it rocks!!!!
  20. Ah.... Thanks.

    FastDial = Very Happy eyes now!