The new BOSS 351

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  1. I recently bought they 5.0 magazine just because of this article. They had a BOSS 351 mustang. It's a concept of course. They put the motor and other upgrades on a 99 mustang body. Man this thing is a beast. It's has a V-10 and 5.8 liters i believe it was. It has the cobra r hood and it seems like it has the saleen rims, but who know's. Has anybody heard of this car at all? If you have give some more info.
  2. Hot Rod magazine also did an article this month on a V10 Mustang that Ford engineers "cobbled" together. It's probably the same car - more info in that article if you're interested.

  3. i think pretty much any mustang magazine has it, i checked out some magazines the other day at frys electronics, thats an amazing engine :drool:
  4. Yes, it's old news. I don't think we're going to see it in anything though. Just Ford's engineers having some fun :shrug:
  5. they will sell it if theres demand for it :D

    probably cost more than the cammer and 03/04 cobra engine :(
  6. Evan Smith ran 11.50s with it.

    I have a video of a 12 second pass which I believe was done on that testing day also.
  7. geez, what kind of numbers was the 351 putting out?

    i wouldnt if you could pass smog with it..
  8. They claim that this new boss has 500hp flywheel.
  9. they better put that beast on the market, they got my money :crazy:
  10. That V10 is sweet! If it does get offered I'll still never get one! I can't afford a new Cobra so there is no reason to think I could have that. Nice to dream though.
  11. With the new mustang bodystyle coming on the market I doubt that will happen.
  12. Oh so sweet!!!!!! so who's going to buy me an early birth day present!!!!!????? :p
  13. i hope that isnt the case, i think it would be sweet if that was a future cobra engine though :D

    40V :rlaugh:

    if they are smart, and people really start demanding them produce the engine, they'll do it..but since its ford, i would have to agree with you and it probably wont happen :(
  14. Didn't they also say something about that engine might go into the GT? Or that this was the engine they thought about putting in it? That issue of Hot Rod is buried in my room somewhere.
  15. I'd say there there's a 50-50 chance of seeing it in a future Mustang. There have been rumors of a 5.8L V-10 engine for the planed flagship Lincoln. This would put the blocks & heads into production (I'm sure the Linconln would use a de-tuned version). SVT has said that the 4.6L supercharged engine is going to be handed down to Ford, which would say that SVT has to come up with a new engine for the 2006 Mustang Cobra. Could it be the 351 V10?
  16. if you're right, which i hope you are, then yeah i could see that happening, unless they got something else under their sleve :)
  17. i think this would be one bad **s engine to go with the styling of the mustang. The power must be amazing in this beast. I hope they offer this as a option, but it's ford so it won't happen.
  18. The problem with engine options is that the car has to be tested and certified for crashes, emissions and gas mileage. Unfortunately this means that the days of engine options are pretty much over unless its a vehicle that sells 300,000+ units / year like the Taurus or the F-150.

    So if we are lucky enough to get a 351 CID V10 it won't be a GT option, it will be a special model like a SVT Cobra or a SVT Boss 351.

    A couple of other things in the 351 V10's favor is that with its aluminum block it is lighter than the iron block 4.6L blown 2003 Cobra engine. The other thing is there are rumors that Bill Ford wants a 351 CID V8 Mustang. Supposedly they had some engineers look at bringing the 351 Windsor back, but it isn't going to happen, so the 351 V10 may have a shot at fulfilling Bill Ford's dreams.
  19. does anyone have a link?
  20. i was waiting for that myself :shrug: