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  1. whats up stangnet,
    the name is michael or mike
    first off id like to point out the feeling like a dumb ass and accidently spelling my username mustant .... so if anyone can tell me how to drop the t and get a g thanks ! haha

    Proud owner here a V6 mustang, 2004.
    Before you think im a newbbb hold your damn horses. My mod lists doesn't consist of underglows and a CAI !
    Its much better:
    4.2, custom cam, windstar, udp, 8.8 w/ 373s, full exhaust FTW
    Dyno tune is coming july 8th ( firday ) @ HPP Racing in Lewisville Tx.

    Excited as hell to see the power ill be making with this N/A build !!!!

    So tell me :) do you like this ?
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    YouTube - ‪Mustang Drive By's‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Cammed Mustang Test Drive Pre Dyno Tune‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Cammed V6 mustang drive by.2‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Cammed V6 Mustang Prochamber O/R F40's‬‏

    Complete mod list on my other forum (

    This is my garage there:
    40th Ann. Special Edition (2004 40th Ann. Special Ed.)

    F150 4.2
    Custom cam from Kyle Person
    P&P heads/lower intake done by Kyle Person
    Winstar Upper Intake
    915 beehive springs
    Comp Retainers
    Comp PRs on intakes
    ASP 25% UDP
    24# injectors
    8.8 w/ 3.73s
    Pacesetter Long tubes (yes its an auto)
    Prochamber w/ All Flow Cats
    Flowmaster 40s
    3.5'' Tips
    SCT hand held tunner
    Dyno Tune July 8th by HPP Racing
    HPP Racing

    Mach1 Chin Spoiler
    Mach1 Grille Delete
    GT rear bumper w/ black letter inserts from Mustang Parts & Performance - American Muscle
    GT side scoops
    6'' cut off antenna
    Tri Bar Pony floor mats from AM
    Black w/ Chrome lip FR500s 18X9/18X10
    Black Painted Brakes
    DB Drive Speed series 10'' Sub 120.2 Amp, In a Super Pro Box on the Mach460 system
    3rd LED brake light from AM
    Tinted tail lights w/ VHT
    Sexy Driver Supplied by: My parents about 21 years ago did the dirty and well here i am.

    For Performance products by Kyle Person, please contact him @:
    [email protected]

    YouTube - ‪mikewellzss's Channel‬‏
    2004 Mustang pictures by mikewellz - Photobucket

    The nightmare Ive went through for this car:
    Cam Installation

    Stock 94 5speed
    V6 5 spoke rim swap (not in pic)

    67' 289ci deluxe Under Construction ....