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  1. My friend told me about this site and got me interested in my first car being a mustang. I blame him for all of this. Spending all my extra time and money on this thing that is older than me. That's O.K. I like older women. Right now it's f'ing ugly, but f'ing fast. All I care about is speed and how fast I can get there. It's a late model 302 with lot's of goodies, afr 185's, big cam, a whole heap a nitrous and a stud girdle to try to keep it all under my hood and not thru it. I thought about putting it in a late model mustang or rx-7 because 10's would be easier. But there's nothing sexier than an old one in any condition. Plus it should made that goal interesting. Can't wait to break it in to get times, but I just re-ringed it. P.S. If you decide to rebuild a c-4 or any other tranny be prepared to pull it back out AT LEAST once. HaHa.
  2. :rlaugh:

    welcome to stangnet- :nice:

    your friend must be real cool :D
  3. what year and body style is your Stang?
  4. i'm his friend-

    he has a 67 coupe! :D