The new picture all cleaned up...

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  1. Let the photochopping begin.

    With all of the lines removed from the picture, it should be easier to get some color on it and see what this baby is really gonna look like...
  2. Yeah, that red X would look awesome in silver......maybe its just me.
  3. :lol:
  4. I guess the Goldmember forum won't let you remote link a picture.

    Perhaps the new one will work.
  5. .

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  6. cute tyler. welcome to moscow eh? I still think its ugly as sin.
  7. If you have something you need to say to me, then please bring it to PM.
  8. 00stangGT from Brad's site did these.

    Evolver, also from Brad's site, did this one.

    Could someone do one in Competition Orange please. :(

  9. werent you banned? If you dont have anything good to say... why bother posting?
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  11. Nice!! Ill take one in yellow,blue black and mabie silver lol

    Can someone photoshop some hood scoops on, mabie like the concept? ohh and sidescoops!! :D
  12. competition orange :D
  13. Thank you!!! :hail2:
  14. Make mine in either dark blue, silver or that gunmetal grey Ford has out now! :hail2:
  15. Nice work guys. Red. Definitely red for me.

  16. Can I get someone to give me one in the color below?

  17. This one was done in the virtual body shop for me, it is close, but not quite dark enough. Anyone else care to help a fella out?

  18. Hows this?

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  19. :worship: :drool:

    Thanks! That looks much better!
  20. No Prob. :D

    I guess I wouldn't mind one in this color.

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