The new picture all cleaned up...

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  1. Last one for today! :p
    Clicky to see them all. ;)
  2. i lub you
  3. Then you should "lub" these too! :D

  4. ::lays vyto down by the fire::
  5. Be gentle, it's been a while!!! LOL! :D
  6. Hi Vyto, sorry hearing about your copyright problems. I guess they did not take thepics from my , as I used just the lower resolution and downsized pics.

    What works best with these guys is typically "burning" them with good PR on forums like these and others and get them "nailed" on the "web-billboard". Will hurt their business throughout.

    Very cool new renderings. The coupe (or convertible hardtop?) and police car are excellent ideas.
  7. Hey wolfgang! Glad you got a chance to see the new pics. :D I am thinking of working with the guy doing the clocks, he needs to let me know which cars so I can strip them off backgrounds so they are just on white. He offered a percentage on sales after brad contacted him to let him know I would like a piece of the action if he's gonna use my art to make bucks. He is gonna drop the ford logo off the clocks to not get them mad at him for logo infringements.
  8. dont forget the pony on the front grill. It is copyrighted too
  9. vyto

    the rear end of the car looks pretty good in those renders.

    I just wish the front looked better
  10. It's part the pics fault, jay. The front shot was a slightly cleaned up spy shot, low res. The backs are a computer generated 3D model chazcron gave us. I chopped my versions on those.