the NIGHTMARE I had last night about my stang! What's your worst stang nightmare?

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  1. LOL I had a deam the other day I was ripping from town super fast back home, cut off a car harsh and he spun out, then later on I sideswiped a car, mine got mangled I spun out and hit the median then took off and hid my car in my garage I was inspecting the damage and was so scared and pissed off, then I woke up. I thought it was real man so realistic such a relief haha.
  2. HAHAHAHA I was thinking the same thing!!!
  3. My nightmare was almost a good thing. I was drag racing and i split my block in 2. I was pissed but then when i was talking to my wife in my dream it dawned on me that now i could get the 408 stroker i wanted and all was better. When i woke up and realized i wasn't getting a 408 stroker i was sad.
  4. I lived it. Car was landed on by a honda.
  5. lol if anyone read my story of how much of a holy hell it was for me to get my stang the dream makes sense.... I didnt own the car yet but i had a dream about it... sor some reason i was putting up the top while driving... it ripped off the car and flew downn the street some nice african american man took it and made it his... I live in an african american neighborhood so its in no offence to anyone... just that there would be no whities like me around to take it... lol eventually i was able to track it down in the dream and get it back

    More recently i had a nightmare that i slammed my stang in to the wall at the track... this one happens often and keeps me up sometimes
  6. How do you stumble upon old threads like this, lol.
  7. This wasn't a nightmare. I bought a 1989 midnight blue lx hatch with ponies. The car was beautiful a fresh motor with a Bcam and e7 heads ported to the max. The only problem was that it had bad synchros in the t5. I drove it for 2 weeks or so and I was taking my friend for a ride. I did a whole shot on a two lane road by my house and I went to shift into fourth and the tranny blocked me out of 4th and fell into second. The car spun around 2 times and I ended up in a ditch that was 10feet deep. The cars front frame was off by 4 inches and I sold it to my friend so he could fix it and sell it.
  8. I've had dreams about my car, but nothing but good ones where i'm just driving it around having a blast.