The number we're all waiting on...

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by 05MGT, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. I was hopeful with the new GT500 ordering guides there will be an official horsepower/torque number, but to my disbelief, all I found was a big fat TBD. :bang:
  2. The GT500 Key Product Specifications document says

    So Ford is sticking to the 475 HP.
    But they may be playing a game in that the 475 HP could be rated at a lower RPM than peak HP. Probably a good way to keep the gov. and insurance companies off their backs.
  3. The specs I saw didnt have any numbers at all. All they had was TBD.
  4. Yes the dealer OG says "TBD"

    But the "Key Product Specifications" document says exactly what I posted above. I cut and pasted that info, right from the key specs. doc.
  5. Well, no matter the official rating, I believe the actual horsepower to be closer to 500.

  6. I dont think the insurance companies care about the difference between 475 and 500 hp. I personally think Ford has been bitten in the past by over rating the HP on the Cobra and since it is hard to nail these numbers down during the development stages, they have simply chosen to be conservative so as not to make a mistake. 500 is a milestone type number. You either have it or you dont. ie 496 is not 500. By chosing 475 they have chosen the safe route. Ford Taurus owners dont run down to their local performance shop and dyno their vehicles, Mustang owners often do. Ford could ill afford a media blunder here and I think that in the absence of knowing the final number (and the fact tht individal vehicles can differ) thay have chosen the safe route. It is much better tp under promise and over deliver than the other way around. One way or another, HP is not as important at acceleration and that will be proven one way or another at the the original 428SCJs did in their day.