Build Thread The Offical 1990coupe Progress Thread

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  1. Alrighty fellas, I have begun the parts collection and the first set of parts started rolling in last week.. 25th's fam was kind enough to sell me an 8.8 with the car so i had that. SVT32V was responsible for the first "official" parts for Blue balls. This will be a busy week with a delivery of parts EVERY DAY and the week will conclude with the picking up of the engine/trans and other misc parts on Saturday :banana: Enough talking - here are the beginninzz







    Do i need to still use the c-clips in the rear?? or can i take them out? It wouldn't hurt to keep them in right?


    Thats it for now - i'm sure i'll be updating it every day after work when i get home :nice:
  2. You deff need the c clips still unless you got eliminators or weld on 9" ends. Looks like fun though.
  3. You can kiss those new wheels goodbye if you decide not to install those c-clips:rlaugh:
  4. Alrighty then. guess i'll be using the clips! haha. I've never seen the eliminators so i wasn't sure what they were :shrug:

    OH - for the time being, it looks like i'll be tapping out my budget. This means i have to cut some corners, and i've carefully thought what corners could be cut and what shouldn't. For instance, all the bushings i'll replace, but for the time being i need to keep the stock shocks/struts, and front sway bar. Its easier to change shocks then i it is bushings!! Also the paint is on hold for the time being. I want to get the car up and running and then i'll go from there.. Its a project and can't all be done at once i have to remember that! :)
  5. Yea, take your time and get the right components and do things right. You'll be glad you saved for the nicer stuff rather than wasting money on cheaper stuff now. What spindles are those? Brakes?
  6. Nice start!
  7. yep thats why i want to get new stuff for the parts that will be a pita to change in the future. They are sn95 spindles (94-95) and PBR front calipers off a 99-04 GT. Rears are your standard 94-04 disc's.. I have my NRC brackets on order, i should be getting soon i hope. The Axles are just sitting in there right now until i get those brackets.

    Thanks man!!! :nice:
  8. Lookin good man! As far as the struts go...4cyl struts are too wide of a gap for fox V8 spindles and 94-04 spindles. You will need to put some shims or spacers inbetween the strut mount and spindle, then put the bolt through.

    BTW....Hack Job and my 91 notch both sport used springs, shocks, and struts. hehe
  9. I can do that - i just can't afford brand new struts/shocks right now. those are easy enough to change in the future. i'm just getting the stuff thats "must have" right now :nice:

    My brother called. 2 tires, and a host of boxes just arrived :nice: Pics tonight! :)
  10. Sweeet! Can't wait to see the pics of all the new parts for Blue Balls. It's awesome getting new stuff in the mail. I'll check back in after I eat dinner a little later. :D
  11. Nice to see you moving along with it. Now is the time to clean stuff, and make it look nice before it goes in. A little POR 15 on that rear will work wonders. Maybe paint the calipers as well? BTW the C-clips definately have to go in.
  12. +1. POR15 on Hack Job's axle still looks new. The Duplicolor on my 91 is all faded now. Caliper paint FTW!!!:nice:
  13. OK some more parts came today! :banana:


    Heater Core:



    Front tires:

    and some progress!!!!





    Por 15 is next - I cleaned up the housing and painted it with high temp paint for now. Since the rear rims are on backorder i have a few weeks before they come in. I'm going to do the front conversion first, and the rear will probably be the last thing to go in. I definatly plan on painting the calipers red, the pics you see are them test fitted. I wanted to ask you, what did you do with the soft lines from the calipers??? i'm kinda confused as to where they mount or where i should drill holes etc.

    Yea i'm going to try to find a por dealer somewhere around my way so i dont have to spend over 100 bucks for it.. Oh i added the C clips back in :)
  14. Very cool!
  15. nice project, I probably missed it in another thread but what size are the wheels/tires?
  16. Thanks everyone. I'm stoked!! :nice:

    They are 18x9 in the front with 255 35 r18 tires, the rear is 18x10 (on backorder) with 285 35 r18 tires.
  17. that's what im talking about. You will not regret the 18's
  18. you're running 18's too right?

    It was your white hatch and 25th's car that made me want 18's no matter what!!! :)
  19. That sucks that the rear wheels are on backorder.....BUT....Looks like you are making good progress. That's great the axles are in and the brakes are mocked up. Can't wait to see some pics of the front done with the wheels bolted up!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah, man, congrats on the start of it!!!