Build Thread The Offical 1990coupe Progress Thread

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  1. It has come a long way, even the exterior!

    Driving it around? You guys supposed to get the snow with us? Their calling for 6-12" for where I live tomorrow. Cancelled my Christmas party, the GFs Christmas party, and my job visit in Greenwich... lol
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  4. car looks awesome man! Yes you do have to fill holes if you're putting a cobra spoiler on an lx. You'll have to drill holes too. Pretty much none of them work. Be careful when welding the holes shut too, I let my cousin do this on my hatch and now it's warped to hell. I have to get a new one eventually.
  5. Thanks man!!!!
    We are supposed to get Rain in TR, but further north (where i'm at right now) we are looking at an inch or two. I don't have a house yet, so the car is outside. On clear days i'll take it to work. Even if its like 10 degrees out i'll take it as long as their is no rain or winter weather in the forecast. The new heater core is kickin! I brought it yesterday to work because i needed to run it through inspection (it failed for NOx even with a catted X on there) so thats why i had it at work yesterday. I have 900 miles on it now!!!!! :D

    Thats what I'm going to have to do. I wanted to avoid welding any holes up because i do not have access to a welder, nor anyone friendly enough who would weld up the holes for a decent price. So basically i'll have to make a decision, and way my options as to what i want to do. The hatch has some rust on it, and i wanted to get the whole car painted anyways (well once i buy a house, which im in the process of doing right now, i'll have a garage and i planned on painting it myself). So i'll have to decide if i want to put the work into welding and drilling holes for the Cobra spoiler, or the daunting task of trying to locate an older spoiler like the one pictured, because i really like it!!! The only problem with the older spoiler is the fact that their is no 3rd brake light. I don't think i'd pass inspection without it.

    So for now, looks like a cobra grill insert could possibly happen. I like the running pony emblem instead of the ford one in the front :D
  6. Cobra grill insert would be a great stocking stuffer from the woman!!!
  7. :lol:

    I know it would have been. I think she's done shopping.. I'll tread myself :)
  8. I know your pain Justin, mine was outside until last night, now it's in the enclosed trailer.

    We're looking at 7-14 inches here today, I can't wait! :D
  9. HAHA...mine isn't done shopping and there are 4 foot drifts in my driveway. I woke up hungover as chit, and I shoveled a little...(damn snowblower is still at work from storing it over the summer) but I was 30 minutes late, sto I didn't do too much. I just told her....don't go anywhere...haha

    Sooooooo do you want to go drag racing? Is that what you're saying??:D

    Oh yeah, it's 20* and 8" out there....:nonono:

  10. It hasn't snowed more then a 2 inches where i am at in NJ in over 3 years. It just now started to snow so hopefully we can pick up an inch. I have a jeep now, but last time we had a real good storm i still had my Subaru WRX... I miss that car, a turbo 4, 5 speed, AWD is SO much fun in the snow!
  11. well i gotta say you put together a sweet car!love those wheels. i didnt see if you got the MAF deal figured out tho? if not it is the maf thats bad if it runs unplugged and not when plugged in.I have a accufab T.B and C&LMAF for sale if your intrested PM me. looks great man oh yeah keep it white and no wing no grill insert leave it stock looking!!!!!!!!! peace

  12. Thanks alot man!!!!! yea haha i was thinking about just leaving it all alone, and just fixing the rust on the hatch. I ended up getting the MAF stuff figured out, it was a bad MAF. I just got another stock one from a close stangnet member friend, and she runs beautiful! :)
  13. I figured those states over there would all get hammered with snow.

    You know my friend had a WRX and he said the same thing. He loved it in the snow. I never rode in it in the snow, but drove it on a twisty road he have and it was cool.
  14. Just realized that you are 1992Hatch on the Corral. Any more updates on the ride? Those wheels look great, I wasn't so sure about 18's but seeing yours makes me like it a lot.
  15. haha yep thats me! I had this user name first. Originally i was 1986stang but i changed it to 1990coupe when i got my coupe. I never had a username at corral so i just made it 1992hatch lol.

    I actually will be updating this thread very soon. I'm about to tear the car apart for paint, and i have an intake and rockers that need to go on.

    Later in the summer plans are in the works for some boost :D

    Thanks for the compliments buddy! :nice:
  16. Excellent work Very nice progress!!!Keep the pics coming!!!
  17. its been a while, but im finally painting her and taking pics, so ill be updating this finally :)
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  18. I think its time.... After a good 4 years since I got this car, finally I'm painting her, by myself, in my garage ;)

    So far, shes pretty stripped. I don't have all that much time to work on her so i'm doing it as i can. This weekend i'll be away so no more real progress.

    Plans are:

    Install Cobra brakes (thanks again Matt!)
    Hide engine bay wires
    Paint stock white color

    I have a new hatch and rear bumper going on too. Original bumper was cracked, and hatch had rust by the window corners and right side wing.