Build Thread The Offical 1990coupe Progress Thread

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  1. close ups and more pics of gtfo
  2. I know I know.. hell at least i updated it finally!
  3. Looks great!

    2 things...

    How did you keep the contaminants out of your paint in that shop?

    Interesting choice on painting the trim above the doors body color and leaving the rear quarter windows trim black. Any reason?
  4. Ours could almost be twins. When i paint i think i am going faleen though.
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  5. 1) Before paint and after taping, we wiped the car down with a rag and used compressed air at the same time. Once that was done, we tacked the whole car down with tack cloth. (same thing on the bumpers). I did all of that while SVT mixed up and the paint. Soon as I finished, he started spraying. It was like 105 degrees and humid as hell in that shop on the 4th. Paint was drying like instantly when it hit the car. We went pretty thick with coats because it was just drying so fast.

    2) those pics don't have those moldings installed yet. It was missing some moldings when i took them. I drove her to work this morning and snapped a few for ya. I still need to paint the trim "semi flat black" around the door, and the handles need to be painted to, but its mainly done.




    Heck yea they could be twins! My car already had the molding body color from the factory. My car is a 92 and originally was a 4banger, not sure if thats why the moldings weren't black?
  6. 87 to 91 had the black moldings.

  7. Sexy!!!

    Lucky no contaminants were kicked up from the shop floor or compressor kicking on etc etc. looks like you guys did a great job!!
  8. the compressor was in another room so that wasn't a factor. We actually wet the entire floor down and it was soaked, so that helped control dust and things from flying up off the floor. Overall I could not be happier with how it turned out! Thanks for the compliment! I think i need to make a new progress thread from beginning to now, with no fluff in the middle, just parts and descriptions haha
  9. Looks great!
  10. That's pretty much what my car will be looking like in a couple of months. Very clean man. Looks great.
  11. Thanks guys! Yea I had wanted it to be "clean". Just a nice stance, nice wheels/tires, and a nice sound. However, an SCi V3 may be in the future?! :)
  12. Wow, really nice.
  13. Damn. The stance is perfect.
  14. Thanks!

    I'll get some better pictures of it this weekend with a better camera :)
  15. She's done!!! You're welcome for all the help and paint! No big deal in my eyes. You're a stand up, trustworthy guy. I don't even have to tell you that, cause you already know and we're such good friends now.

    Yeah, the compressor is in another room, I drained the tank the night before, the morning of, and right before spray time. We also have a huge dryer before the air even hits the lines. No water can get into the lines with that drier on. The paint dried fast....almost too fast. It was great for keeping out dust, but it challenged me to get it to lay down nice. I was happy with how it came out. It looks great. looks great, congrats on getting it all done. Enjoy it now for a while!!!
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  16. Moved to tech and tagged. :nice:
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  17. Wish I had someone to help me paint my car...:(

    Car looks fantastic though. The stance, wheels and overall look is tits.
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  18. Nah go turbo...LOL.....
  19. :nice:

    Matt's my best friend, Can't thank him enough for all the help. I'd do anything for him, and he'd do the same for me :)

    Thanks for the compliments! I still need to finish up a few small things but i've been so busy just driving her around! I'm going to be at the Down Ford car show by my house in 3 weeks so i have to finish it up by then! Its not really a show car, its a driver, but its a clean fox and those are few and far between these days!

    Haha i'd love to, however the on3 stuff has me a little worried still, and my exhaust sounds soooooooo purty to me :) You going to be at the Downs show?? I wanna see your beast!
  20. When was that love the kit i drive the car almost everyday seems good to me...BUT the power is what i love.I raced a Motorcycle the other day from a dead stop going to work He pulled a wheelie i think he was so suprissed that i took right off and was ahaed of him in no time..Thank God i had the DR's on that helped some...still breaking the tires loose thru all 3 me i think you will be ok with the kit....