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  1. A well done set of dumps on a mean car can be cool... Nothing like blowing out a cloud of dust from under the car at start-up :nice:
  2. That is the worst part of the dumps on a gravel or dirt area. Not to mention on grass it KILLS the sound of the car! I run dumps but will have tailpipes someday.
  3. That is what my friend hates about his dumps. He REALLY hates it now that I repainted his car for him. He didn't care before that paint, but after, he hates the dirt flying up on the paint.

    My notch is dumped over the rear axle, so I don't get too much dirt, but I still get a little.
  4. Well the Dumps are most definalty a temporary thing. I just got a good deal on them used, but I want tailpipes!! Now on for some pics.





    Now here is where i am with the brake.. EVen from 25th's pics, i don't think i have the same setup :scratch:

    I may have to improvise i guess :shrug:




    And should i keep this? I think i'm going to! :D

  5. Calipers look really good! They will look awesome under those wheels.
  6. Hell yeah man. Those calipers and brackets look badass on the rear end!!!!!! Nice choice of red and grey/black for the brackets.

    BTW....Is that shade of red the same shade on your womenz toes in the background???!!! :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::D far as the brake hose goes...You may be able to mount them opposite of how they are mounted on 94-04 cars. You might be able to mount them so those lines can bend up and reach. This may be much easier in the car, then on the floor.
  7. Looks real good...

    Leave the hitch and yes your lines look different than mine for some reason.
  8. Haha yea it is a close match to her toenails lol. I figured instead of painting the rear brakes all red, i'd paint the caliper brackets a flat black, and the actual brake caliper red. I did the same for the front. I think what i'm going to do is, instead of having the soft line running to the rear end, i'll mount the soft lines from the rear caliber to the chassis like the 99+ car's have them, and then run the hard lines up in the tunnel and connect to the end of the softline that i mounted to the chassis. (just like the pic up top, but i'll have to bend and cut what's there.)

    I think this may work. I'll have a much better idea once i get the rear in the car but that will be probably the last thing to go in. SVT i may need to hit you up for some parts again.. Like a stock airbox, inlet, MAF...

    Hitch is staying i think, i'm going to clean it up so its nice and clean, also i have to see how they wired that taillight plug, I want to make that stealth. When i tired to fix the key to open the trunk i broke it. :( Once the car is "running" i'm going to bring it to a locksmith and have him make me a new key. I hope he can!!

    I think maybe the caliper lines differ from 94-98 then 99+ but i'm not sure on that.
  9. I got all those mentioned parts for you. Let me know when you need them, and exactly which things, and they will be one their way to your house....quick. :D

    And the 94-98 lines and the 99-04 lines do differ in the way they look. The head of the banjo bolt is smaller on the 94-98's. This kind of leads me to believe that the diameter of the threaded part might be smaller too....but I'm not sure. I just compared the two and I saw those slight differences.
  10. the NRC brackets included fittings for the softlines on the calipers. meaning i can cut the hardlines , and put these fittings on them, but the fittings they included do not fit the softlines on the calipers.. Another reason i think these differ from those years.. These rear brakes are from a 99+ car right SVT?
  11. Oh shoot I though you meant on the front calipers...I looked at fronts...sorry. The rears are the same. They hook up the same, and they mount the same on 94-04 Mustangs. If you cut the hard line on the rear will have to get a flaring tool and reflare that line after you slide the threaded screw-in peice on there.
  12. Thats what i planned on doing - reflairing the line. I may have to improvise my own setup when the time comes, and the rear is in the car. I'll be sure to document this because even (which has a new URL its not this one anymore) doesn't specifically speak about this at all..
  13. That sucks that they don't tell you about it, but I know you will figure it out. Once it's in, you're don't worry about it. I wish I wouldn't have worried so much about stuff with Hack Job. When that day came, I conquered!!:nice:

    Any work planned this weekend??
  14. to much yak yak yak and not enough pictures.

  15. The Heart :)





    Its out of an 89 mustang. It only has 67k miles on it! :)
  16. Looks like you got everything you need. Accessories are there....flywheel is there, driveshaft, bell housing...Is that wiring I see?????:D:D

    Hell yeah bro. So let me guess....the next pictures are going to be of you painting the block, accesories, intake and valve covers?? :D Make sure you replace the water pump, it's cheap insurance. Put a little anti seeze on the threads of the bolts when you reinstall it. And don't break off the old ones in the block...use hand tools, no air tools on water pump bolts!!!

  17. Actually the motor will sit for a few weeks. I'm going to get the trans tomorrow, and continue stripping the engine bay. Then after that, its on to pulling the dash for the heatercore swap. I may need you for other things, when i find out a list i'll send u a PM :nice:
  18. Sounds good, I'll be here.
  19. Definately get that motor all dolled up, but stock looking. I think a clean fresh stock engine bay can be one of the best looking types. Keep up with the pics and progress!
  20. me too..smoothing it and all looks good. but a clean stocker looks best to me imo.