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  1. I was going to do basic wire-hiding in the fenders should i not? I'm NOT going to smooth out the engine bay.. Maybe i should keep the wires visable and NOT hid them. replace all the loom so they look new :shrug:

    ON another note, picked up the tranny yesterday :banana:

    But now i'm broke :( And there is a million odds and ends i still need to get. But nothing "HUGE"..
  2. Coming along nicely. I'll be curious to see your input on the softline to hardline issue for the rear discs. I've done the 5-lug for my brother's car but we stuck with rear drums. Can't wait for more pics!
  3. Hiding the wires can be a PITA, just because you have to route them in a way where they will not rub through, and also hope they are still long enough. I would do just what you said and put new black looming on them so they look fresh.
  4. New loom would be perfect. Don't even go through the effort of hiding, just make it look like a clean stocker.
  5. I was going to hide it all.. Coming from you guys, your opinions I take into great consideration. This i think i will do :)
  6. If you want to hide one harness...the headlight harness is the easiest to hide. You can simply run it through the core support. I saw it on this project car a shop near by was doing. The opening is big enough, and it gets the readiator, fan, and condensor area cleaned up. No fabbing is needed, or lengthening of wires....just a thought.
  7. Yeah, I just think hidden wires and all those holes looks worse than with the wires all clean and and in the stock location. Under hood should just look clean and factory original!
  8. Thanks Fellas! Thats this weekend's project :nice: Here is some more progress, not too much but its progress..




    Here is the Trans :nice:


    PS. I can't unbolt the drivers seat. The rear two bolts are covered up by the seat track since its electric and all the way back. Bummer
  9. I'm still amazed a 4 cyl came with power seats... Did you try hitting it with a fresh battery and getting it to move?
  10. haha i know! the problem is i stripped most of the wires from the engine bay over the weekend. All i have left is some vac lines and to pull the computer/harness. I'll have to work around the seat i guess

    25th how did you guys make out at Pinks this weekend???!?!?
  11. That carpet will clean right up. My Titanium grey carpet in my 91 notch was coffee stained, dog hair, gum etc....1990....2 words...Greased Lightning!!! Purple bottle, scrub brush and the hose (power washer is better if you have one) Mine came out like brand new. Where did you find the trans??
  12. I'll remember that!!

    I found the tranny through a guy i met at the mustang boneyard that is a few miles from my house. He gave me his number and said he has something for me. When i got to his house he had that - i paid more then i had wanted but he said its a perfect working trans, and said if there is an issue with it he'll take it back and refund my money. (signed paper makes it a contract :nice:) It "looks" like its in good shape.
  13. Sister, dad and brother got interviewed and the car got looked over by the camera crew. On the pass with Rich hand dropping it, I know the camera was focused on the car, I guess they liked it being a stick car.

    Didn't make the show, that was a high 9s class, but still had a good time. Car went 10.33 into a head wind and who knows on the hand drop pass, they dont give a timeslip.
  14. That's great he said he'll take it back if there is a problem. Hopefully you will get it together and running soon, so you will know. Once the engine bay is painted you should have the car running in a few more working days afterwards. My 5.0 swap went well. Can't wait to see more pics.

    I tell ya....I have seen so many cool blue this week and last, driving around delivering parts!!! I can't believe how many blues are out there. My favorite is that new GM blue that is on Corvettes, G8's and Cadillac XLR's....It's siiick!
  15. *SVT32VDOHC ninja jumps Coupe's progress thread to the top so it's easy for him to find this weekend when he updates us on the heater core and engine bay work!!!!!!!!*
  16. OK time for some progress:






    Automagic no more!!!

    My Fiance hard at work cleaning the bay :)
    View attachment 308908


    All Clean

    Katie cleaned up the engine bay, and the door jambs.. The more i sit and look at the car, the more i'm leaning on just keeping her white. I know alot of people will disagree - but the white has really grown on me. It will need a fresh coat, and that will come, but i think i'll just stick with white.

    More progress tomorrow! :nice:
  17. i thought you where already married.
  18. I would deff. keep her white, she will match the car!
  19. you got a keeper!
  20. March 27th 2009 we will be :)

    Thank ya :D