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  1. Hell yeah man, now that is digging down and doing some work! Those pedals are not fun to install, especially on a hot summer day. That's awesome that you got your fiance to help work on it a little bit!! Has she been behind you the whole time? Obviously, she must be because she's helping...hehe.

    I popped in here last night, but didn't post because I was about to leave, but I'm up early today, so here I am. I'm going on the boat today, so I will check in tonight for more updates!! Work hard bro, work hard!:D

    Oh BTW...I'd love to see it blue, but I had two white GT's...back in 2001, and in 2005. They were my favorite Mustangs I've ever had. I look at the pics now that they are gone, and I really miss them. I'm behind you on white too.
  2. PIC update tonight but here is what was accomplished over the weekend. The pics above were from friday/saturday, the ones that will be posted below are from Sunday..

    1. Pulled the dash, installed a new heater core.
    2. Pulled the auto pedal assembly, installed the new 5 speed assembly
    3. Pulled the 4 banger computer/harness, installed the v8 harness
    4. Cleaned the doorjambs extensively, and engine bay. Re-painted some areas
    that were bad with White paint
    5. Pulled the Booster and Master cylinder and installed the SN95 booster and MC
    6. Gut the porportioning valve
    6. reinstalled the dash, putting about 70 percent of the bolts/screwes back in it
    before calling it quits for the weekend around 6 yesterday

    This coming week/weekend the plan is to make whatever lines i need to finish up the booster/MC. I need to hook up the MC to the porportioning valve, and i need to install the manual valve for the rear. I also want to install the new Fuel lines. Then in the next week or two clean up the engine and put her in :banana:.

    I want the engine in the bay before starting the 5 lug swap in the front because i want the weight in the front of the car before pulling that apart. So its progress.. moving along! :) Let me tell you the pedal swap along with the brake booster.. MAJOR PITA!!! I hope the rest goes smoother!!!!!!
  3. Yeah, the booster and pedal swap sucked for me too. I pulled my seat, and layed on the floor and the seat studs tore up my back. I was just so determined to finish it at the end of a long ass day. Then after I got done, I forgot to put that black plastic spacer back in between the pedal and the firewall.

    Also, removing the 4 cyl accel cable from the pedal sucks, and installing the v8 one sucks too. I didn't pull me pedal though, I just stuck my hand up there. Try pulling the pedal, see if that works because you will have more room to see, and more room for your hands to clip that clip in there.

    Also...What is gutting the prop valve?? I have always heard of it, but I don't know what you have to details so I know?? hehe
  4. It stunk cause the lower passenger side hole for the booster needed to be elongated so the booster would fit.. that was a PITA too! Luckly i remembered to remove the accelerator cable while i was under there. I couldn't take the seat out either, i had to jam up in there with the seat still in too!

    The purpose of "gutting" the porportioning valve is if you want to run rear disc's.. I am, so to gut it you remove that front cap on the combination block/PV and take out that spring, and the seat thingy that sits in the middle of the spring. Then you replace that front cap with a solid one, which gets rid of that rubber. Then you install an adjustable PV on the passenger side firewall (there is a connection where you can just slip right in, i'll show pics of this later). This will be the new means of controlling the rear bais to the rear disc's :)
  5. oh that's right, you couldn't get the seat out...that sucks...but at least the dash and column was out.

    Thanks for the info on the prop valve...take a few extra pics of that setup, I'm curious of how it looks.
  6. *crickets*

    Coupe, nice job. I see shes keeping ya busy :nice: :mad: :D
  7. ^ i know i know!! :(

    Some more from sunday -

    Back together! :banana:


    25thmustang: what do i weld here?


    Bay with new wiring

    massive SN95 booster and MC

    SVT32V here is the PV gutted with the "plug" on the end:

    and here is where the adjustable PV will go so i can control the pressure to the rear brakes:
  8. That is frickin awesome! Glad to see you got your wiring all in. Looks like that motor will be getting some paint soon! Are you gonna do any gaskets? Learn from my stupid mistake! Put an oil pan gasket on before you install the motor. Mine started leaking because a peice of it blew out two weeks after I got it running and driving. Of course doing that in the car was a PITA!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy a one peice gasket as well. The 3 peices are garbage. I would also do the valve cover gaskets while it's out.

    When do we see more progress? are getting a PM at 9:30am.
  9. Well i still have a few odds and ends to do before i being working on the engine. I want to finish bolting up the dash so its all back together (minus the center console until i figure out what needs to be weld) This weekend i'll begin cleaning the engine. I've had people tell me not to replace any gaskets, from people saying do the oil pan, rear main, and oil pump to be safe. i don't know what to do! I was going to do a waterpump to be safe and oil pan, but i may do a rear main and oil pump too. What do you all think????
  10. its a old motor. replace them all while you got the thing out. im with svt. oil pan gasket is a **** in the car. do it while its out.
  11. DO: Spark plugs, wires, PCV, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, dizzy cap and rotor and the module under the dizzy, T-stat, water pump, and the new water pump, and heater core coolant hoses for sure.

    Rear main and lower intake gaskets are a toss up. I personally have never had a rear main go bad. I thought I had a rear main that was leaking, but it ended up being the rear seal on the lower intake manifold. Someone put a Cobra intake on my 91, and thye must not have installed it correctly. I had a lower intake leak on my 95GT that someone put a GT40 intake on. BUT...I HAVE NEVER HAD A FACTORY INTAKE LEAK ON ME. So that gasket set is up to you.

    Head gaskets...eff that!!!

    Oil pump....hmm...leave that alone. I have seen shops put oil pumps in motors and those motors end up going bad. They might have used high volume oil pumps, which is a huge no-no...:nonono: IF you want to replace it, make sure you use a stock replacement.

    Put it this 91 has 145K on it, my old 91 GT had 145K bottom end with a brand new HCI upper half. MY buddy Diamond built a 160K stock bottom end with HCI and a blower and ran race gas and never blew the car up. Both my cars had original oil pumps, and I'm sure Diamonds did too.

    Timing chain...Out of all the years of 5.0L's I've been around and all the ones come through the yard, I have only seen 1 with a broken timing chain. I have never done one, but that is up to you too.

    It's funny how crazy we could get while putting a car together...:rlaugh:
  12. I had planned on all the basic maintenance stuff like plugs, cap, rotor, wires, PVC,thermostat, hoses, belts, and the sensor on the front of the dizzy.. i had a PIP sensor go in the red coupe and hadda install a reman dizzy (no way was i taking that thing apart.. cheaper and less of a headache to just pick up a reman! :nice:)

    As far as gaskets go. I think i'll do an oil pan, valve covers, and new water pump/and gaskets. I think i'll be ok with all else. if the rear main is leaking well then i'll do it.. Otherwise i'll just leave it alone. I'm sure ONE DAY in the future this will all be pulled apart and i'll be doing somethign else to it (does a mustang project ever end? :rlaugh:) but for the short hall, the engine "maintenance" should be sufficient. The engine has like 67k miles i think i'll be ok! :nice:
  13. 67K?? Oh, I would leave the main seal then. Sounds good. I can't wait for motor pics! Get to woooork!!!!!! hehe
  14. did I hear something needed welding?

    get me a welder and I'm in...
  15. i got plenty of things you can come up here and weld for me. or teach me :mad: im horrible :(

    looking great though coupe!
  16. Ed: get a welder and come on over! I'll need to weld tailpipes too after she's running :nice:

    Ryan: thanks mang! Sellin the explorer?
  17. Yeah, he's buying my 91 notch!

  18. ^ that would ne nice right!!!!

    Right now i'm LOW on funds.. so i'm going to progress with this as much as i can.. I still have some rather large purchases to make. I need a clutch, (150ish) and i need rear tires (300ish).. I also need to have the tires mounted and balanced that will be 75ish... I'm sure little odds and ends will poke there head out of places too especially when i dive into the braking system. I think i have all that i need, but until i get that rear axle in, i won't know. :)
  19. Too bad you weren't by me, I'd mount them wheels and tires for a case of beer! Seriously...mounting and dismounting tires to me is like 2nd nature. I do it with my eyes closed.

  20. if i could come up with that much i sure wouldddddddd!