The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. The Official "4V-Mod-Fox" progress thread

    You might have seen my thread about the "Next Hack Attack". Well, it's official. I have decided to take on another project swapping a mod motor into a fox body.

    My first swap was "Project 81 Hack Job". Now, please welcome "4-Mod-Fox". The first round of work comes tonight. Christmas Eve and Christmas is in 3/4 days, so don't expect a lot of progress before that, but I want to cut this build time in half of what it took to build Hack Job.

    Pics to come tonight...:nice:
  2. damn i was hoping project stank on the hanglow... anyway good luck man i love mod swaps for some reason
  3. awesome, looking foreward to it.
  4. WOO HOO!!! :nice:

    Hmm...4-Mod-Fox, kinda sounds familiar.:D

    Can't wait to see the progress pix!
  5. Thanks guys. I paid for everything this morning to keep the books square for the year. I know you'll be here to push me to keep moving on it.

    One thing I know for sure, is that I know exactly what I have to do this time to make things work. Another thing I know for sure is, this car doesn't need anywhere close to the body work Hack Job need. A third thing is that I won't be spending nearly the time to paint the underneath of the car and the inner floor pans ect...

    The buyer of Hack Job didn't even look at the underside, nor did he sit in it, drive it, look in the trunk...nothing. I'm not messing around with that. I'm bolting in these parts and getting it done.
  6. :banana::rock:..this is gonna be awesome
  7. picccssss nowwwww
  8. Okay guys, got 3 hours in tonight and another 25 minutes to clean up. I'm off to the mall to Christmas shop for two last minute things and then I'm going home to post up. Stay tuned...:D
  9. This should be good to see. My father offer to split the cost of buying a 32 valve with me last year for the vert...too much $ still and I had just picked up my 302. oh well. Wanna see how this unfolds.
  10. cant wait to see how this one ends up!
  11. Shopping done.

    I had most of the Cobra stripped back February 2008. I had to get the last of the wiring out, the parking brake cables, some misc brackets I need. Tomorrow morning I am going to cut out the firewall area I need for the steering shaft bearing and the dash mounts. I also have to bring another Mustang to get some special transmission mounts off. I'm using the 99-04 trans mounts whick weld right to the tunnel. The 94-98 crossmember won't work in a fox body. It's longer and I don't feel safe about cutting the crossmember in half and rewelding it.

    Wiring I needed to get out tonight.

    Car was wasted...


    The heart.


    The longtubes are coming off. Going on are stock manifolds, new water pump, new oil pan gasket, Motorcraft plugs, valve cover gaskets and a nice clean up. Stay tuned. :nice:
  12. That's some nice progress already, Matt. Any pictures of the fox that motor is going into? Do you plan on keeping this one or are you building it to flip? In any case, subscribing! :nice:
  13. the 94-98 bolted up to the subframe....all you need to do is take those off...once you have your engine mocked up...locate where they sit along the subframe and weld them up or bolt them up (requires drilling)
  14. Not sure Chris. I built Hack Job with every intention on selling, just not so quickly. I will prolly do the same with this one, but who knows. That is why my goal is to have a lot less money into this car. I'm not getting too crazy with new parts this time. I'm looking to use good, tight used stuff. Stock springs, ect...I also have a set of used 04 replica's that will most likey go on since I only owe pennies on them. But we'll see...if I opt for new wheels they will be FR500's or something. My plan is to get up early tomorrow....I need to go to bed.
  15. Ahh I see. If you build cars as nice as Hack Job to sell to others, I can only imagine the attention to detail that goes into your own personal ride. Keeping my eyes on this one! :nice:
  16. I went in early today (6:30am) and cut out the firewall/bearing plate I needed from the Cobra. Then I brought in a couple junk stangs sitting around and cut off the radiator brackets on the bottom of the core support and I cut off the 99-04 style transmission crossmember mounts from another stang. Cleaned up, worked 8-5, then brought in the car this stuff is going into. I pull apart the ground effects, the old fuel and brake lines, the front bumper and some old wiring. I also routed the 97 Cobra fuel lines and put a couple bolts in place.

    Like I said earlier, I'm not wasting time painting the underside and making it pretty. It's pretty solid, a couple dirty areas and wet areas from gear oil, and gas, but other than that, it's pretty clean for a 91.

    1997 lines in the 1991

    I had to cut this area larger on Hack Job and this car for the fuel lines and the future wiring...

    Going in early again tomorrow to pull out the interior seats, carpet and hatch area trim. My next major thing to do is get the rear axle in, and get the lines together.
  17. i don't know how you can go through this again i have a friend that is also on motown muscle with us and he has a 83 capri with t-tops .the thing is a totla rust bucket for the most part but is repairable .i would love to do a capri but after going with what i am going through with this car i can't see doing it again.major props to you to because it is alot of work and i can see why you wouldn't want to go through the trouble of painting the bottom and such.atleast this time when you get it done i would love to see it at the mustang car show in novi. good luck with the build:nice: