The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. Thanks man. I told myself and others that I would never do it again. But I can already see this is much easier putting 97 stuff into a 91 than putting 01 stuff in an 81. I don't have to modiy the gas tank neck, because the fox neck is the same diameter as the 97 neck. All the lines bolt directly in place under the car. Ford changed nothing. I don't have to weld brackets to the car like I did on the 81. I don't have the evap canister in the left rear wheel well. I don't have to cut holes in the front fender aprons for the air filter or the washer bottle....or where the ECM harness goes into the car.

    I can see that this will be slightly easier. And I know where to cut the dash this time. So this time I can make 2 or 3 cuts rather than 20. lol. I can't wait to get more pics up because that means more work is done!!!:nice:
  2. Not enough work you're slacking :p
  3. HAHA...I know. I got here at 7am today. Didn't do much to the car because I can't find a brake line I need for the rear, so I had to go get a couple more Mustangs, bring them in and get the lines off. First one...rusty as hell, second one....nice, but slightly different because it's off an 03. I'll make it work. I'm not spending any money/time bending new lines. I'm going for speed'm not spending 11 months on this car.
  4. Dude, you have this down to a SCIENCE! I know I've said it to you before, you should consider doing these swaps as a side job. :nice:
  5. He pretty much does do this as a side job. Every single car/truck he's built he's sold for a profit :nice:
  6. Man I can't wait to see this car. Definitely gonna look forward to progress pics.:nice:
  7. Thanks bro. I am pretty beat from lack of sleep and coming in early and hanging out late. Just wanted to get a jump before Christmas. Hopefully Saturday I can get 4-5 hours in.

    I wish I could do it more often.

    Thank you!! :nice:
  8. dude this is going to be sweet. I about choked when you posted that you sold hack job, but i cant blame you for selling it to buy the cobra.
  9. hahaha...thanks!! Yeah, I lied to the guy on the phone and said it wasn't for sale and I didn't to sell it. Told him I forgot to take the ad down. He insisted I sell him the car and told me he'd come get it in 2-3 days. After talking to my Dad, and the guy blowing up my phone 3 times the next day....I gave him directions. Why not? I wanted an 03-04 so bad. And now..............building a fox with a 4V instead of a 2V. Too bad it isn't another notch, but I'll take what I can get, ya know?:D
  10. Must be nice having the time, and means to build all these cars we all dream of building...


    I will be following along on this one.

  11. Times eleventy billion!!!!!!
  12. Thanks bro. I know you'll be havin your eye on this one. I wish I had more time!!


    Okay everybody. I got an early Christmas present from Brothers Performance and the UPS guy.

    Some cheap $139.95 shipped....LCA's. (The bolts I got from a local bolt supplier. I got 4 grade 10.9 bolts, 4 hardened washers and lock nuts for $5.80 with tax. 50resto wanted 52.99 for the factory bolts.

    They look beautiful though.

    10.9 grade!!!!

  13. damn ive never heard of 10.9's. the highest we sell are 8's. for future ref. where did you get them?
  14. Dare to dream? Another hack? Should I go ahead and get the drool bucket out now?

    Heh. Stoked for another one of your builds. Are you doing another notch or a hatch this time? Whole interior again or just the drivetrain? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

    /Attaches drool bucket
    //Waits impatiently for updates
  15. Suburban Bolt. It's a local bolt supplier here.

    Yes, you should...a big one. lol. This is not a notch, it's a hatch GT. I love notches, but as we know, they are rare. I have been looking for a while found a deal on a clean, good looking hatcback, so I jumped on it. I should get a chance to go in Saturday. Prolly just gonna finish stripping it, rather than adding more Cobra parts. Gotta get the interior and heater box out...and more underhood wiring.
  16. when we get pitchers of the car the motors going into?
  17. PM sent...:ninja:
  18. sounds stupid, but can you tell me the specs of those bolts? size, length, pitch etc? I need to replace mine......the torch shortened them a bit........
  19. 10.9 is the metric class equivalent of standard grade 8. Nothing magic there, just metric fasteners.
  20. I'm gonna post pics tomorrow morning, but I got the rear axle in today and the complete interior and wiring stripped out today.

    The bummer right now is that I sold all the Cobra brakes a long time ago. I think the Cobra rear caliper and the V6/GT calipers are the same. I know the anti-moan brackets, the caliper bracket, and the rotors are different. I think I'm just gonna go the GT route and I'd have to change pull the shafts to change the peice where the claiper bracket bolts to.