The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. My buddy's ex-father in law almost died from them too. He drank 11 of the 24oz. cans in one day. He broke out into hives and had to be rushed to the ER. There's a lot of metal in those drinks and his body was just over loaded with that and caffeine/gaurana/ginsing/taurine. They said one more of those and he woullda been dead.

    Even the 16oz. cans have a warning....3 per day or less. I have like 1 a month!!!
  2. He had 1 monster and 1 red bull, heart stopped and he was dead before he hit the floor, natural energy is the way to go, fruit, tea, etc, naked fruit juice makes a great "energy" smoothie
  3. That's too bad. Sorry to hear. Some people are very sensitive to Caffeine.

    Those affect me much different now than they used to. I'm almost 28 now and I can drink one slowly. I'm mostly a beer drinker, but I used to be able to mix them with alcohol and drink all night. Now....if I have two or three Vodka & Red Bulls I'm up all night and my heart POUNDS the next day. I've waived off that combo.
  4. i use to drink 3 NOS a day
  5. Matt she looks NICE!!!
  6. Thanks Justin....stayed tuned for pics!

    Pics to be up tonight. I did nothing but work on this car Thursday-Sunday. I got some HOURS in this time around. I got the 3rd brake light working, hatch popper, rear defrost, license plate lights, tail lights, blinkers, dome light, door buzzer/dome light shut off switch, power locks, all speakers and tweeters from the Mach all that working! The Mach460 sounds pretty good. Not as good as in a 94-04 coupe cause I don't have the rear speakers in the factory box, but it's 100 times better than a fox body stereo. I also installed the door panels and arm rests, I painted the quarter trim and installed them, headliner......dude....all I need now is the front and rear seats and console.

    Looks like this car will be at WW. Hopefully. I still need to switch front calipers, bleed them and get an alignment. The exhaust needs to be quieted down, but I won't have time for that. :rlaugh:
  7. Whats a stereo?
  8. Sorry..........8 track!!!!!!!!!!:D
  9. Holy crap, I hope somebody introduced him to a concept called "moderation".

    Did he have any pre-existing heart condition? There had to be something else...

    I'll stick with coffee. Coffee still has the highest concentration of caffeine per volume of any drink. I usually drink 2 or 3 cups a day, much more than that and I start feeling anxiety, haha.
  10. Moderation is key. I had one 16oz. can two nights in a row so I could stay up til 1am working on the car. I had to work the next day too, but getting to bed was still tough. I started them at 6:30 and had them done by about 8:30ish, but still.......those have 160mg of caffeine per 16oz. And coffee is right up there too. Those are 60-100mg per 8oz, depending on brands. Some expresso shots can be double that on only 2oz. :eek::eek:

    I never just drink those to drink them, and I stopped mixing them with Vodka.....the upper and the downer at once is rough... Red Bull and Vodka is so damn goooood though!!!!
  11. Nope, only 30 too. Had on monster in the morning and one redbull around lunch, just had a medical check up a few weeks before, requirement for his new job, that he was starting the next day :(
  12. wuss, you dont need a stereo, skinny pedal on the right me friend
  13. Back when I was young and dumb and drank to destroy myself, it was Jager bombs all the way. Now that I'm not a dumb college kid anymore and I know the ill effects of mixing uppers and downers, I tend to stick to high quality beers. :nice:
  14. i stick to water and protein
  15. I don't consider Protein a beverage...

    I only drink water,, with an occasional coffee. Coffee is black though
  16. It is when its strawberry flavor and you need 200g a day
  17. Wrong..........I need my tunes, that's for sure! :nice: The new Eminem CD in the newly built fox body!!!

    Yeah, I here ya there. I visited my fiance (back then, girlfriend) at MSU every weekend and I saw what her roommates got into. I used to just be a beer drinker, and still am, but occasionally a Vodka/redbull/cranberry, or a Crown Royal/rocks is soooo good. I've never been a shot all.

    I have been on that kick for a while, but I still drink beer. My body ain't used to nasty, greasy food since I started my diet plan back in late April. I only eat clean stuff, but I wanted my body to stay used to beer so I wouldn't be $hitting myself the next day. :rlaugh:

    Protein is not a's FUELLLLL!!!!!! :nice: Again, thanks for all your help! You're the one who got me started on this weight loss/muscle building stuff. I am now 189 and I look the best I ever have!
  18. Man, I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. I know those energy drinks are bad for you, but there has to be something more to it than just Monster + Red Bull = dead. Was he on any other medication? Was he running a marathon?

    Amen. I'm not the most healthy eater in the world, but the thing I stay the most away from is soda. If I go out to eat for lunch, I'm drinking water. Water makes the most sense to me. I eat for nutrients, I drink for hydration. You don't hydrate with Pepsi, you hydrate with water. Water also has the benefit of being free... Usually. As for coffee I've always just preferred it black. Not sure why.

    1 gram per pound of body weight, right? Maybe more for very athletic people.

    Oh, and...

  19. hehehe
  20. I'll allow a derail only for you 3 guys, cause I like ya! But once these pics come up tonight....we'll get back on track.

    I myself got away from pop and juice and all that....drink mixed drinks, I'll make an exception. Vodka/cran, crown/coke, jack/coke ect....but I won't go all night. I'll have 1 or 2 then back to beer.

    Justin sent me some info a while back and I lost 20 pounds, then gained 7 pounds of muscle lifting weights. 203 to 183, then to about 188-190 now.