The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. i float around 180ish as well
  2. Thattaboy.
  3. Funny fact, I was 180 last year, now Im 218, Pooooop. And I don't even drink.
  4. true but still... I don't consider it a "beverage" haha.

    I hope you don't get your entire protein source from Shakes, thats a no no. Gotta get as much from food as you can, supplement what you can't with shakes.

    +1 any time buddy you do look good you sexy beast!
  5. Of course, im a certified personal trainer, was a requirement at the dojo. Shakes are taken in small amounts as the whey is used immediately by the body and keeps the metabolism moving, with the shake i have either a salad or plain ground beef on wheat, or plain boiled chicken.
  6. HAHA....thanks! Not as much of a beast as you man! Your guns are gettin pretty big from those BBQ pics this past weekend. Ima start callin you "The Situation" ain't that far behind him in those pics! :nice:

    Ok boys...........BACK ON TRACK....:D:D:D

    Sorry for the poor quality pics. It was like 7:30am and the sun was beating in my garage so these look like iiishhh...Didn't get them up last night cause I was out on Woodward last night til 2am watching some fun activities. :p


    Dash all buttoned up. It's in need of an Armoral. It needs some moisture put back in it. That dash I've stored here at the shop for 5 years. Got the air bag too, just not in yet.

    Got both black door panels on. I had to paint the arm rests, but they look good.

    Got a little creative with the mirror switch. Didn't have to rewire it to the dash like in Hack I couldn't becasue 94-98 defrost switch is under the headlight switch versus 99-04 being in the dash.

    Grey quarter trims painted black and installed. Black seat belts installed and working. Mach 460 Speakers working. Notice the tweeter hanging out of the shock cover??? I figured I'm cut a hole in those covers instead of ruining some nice quarter trims.

    Black hatch trim.

    Black visors and 93 black headliner. I'm using the 97 domelight cause I'm using the 97 harness. The 93 dome light won't work with that harness cause the ground congiguration is different and I'm not changing it over.

    Pony installed in the 93 Cobra grill. It's ready to get taped and screwed into the bumper....what a $hitty design, but oh well. :shrug:

    More work to do tonight for an hour or two, then back out to Woodward!!!
  7. *fights urge to derail*

    Looks great man
  8. :nice:

    Thats good to know, I can bounce nutrition and training questions off you (pm's of course) now and again :)

    Matt... I loveeee ittttttt... When you're ready to sell, remember what i told you :)

    Also thanks for the compliments. i was shocked when i saw the pics of myself actually lol
  9. Sure thing, i'll even give you my cell so you can text me, cause who wants to run to the comp when they're at the gym or whatnot right, lol

    Damnit i did it again

    Looks good Matt :lol:
  10. :D coo thanks mang!
  11. Thanks Justin. It feels great to be going at it again. That thing will be done in a week. Shootin for WW, but idk if I can get it to the way I want it until I see another weekend with it. I wanna rub it out again and really clean the interior.

    Justin---yeah dude, you look much different in those pics than in older ones from even a month or two ago. No joke. Your arms are huge. Are you doing something different and NOT telling me???? lol...seriously, if you are lemme know.

    And Crane---thanks for the compliments.
  12. NICE! You do such awesome work man i can't wait to see her all done :)

    Its gotta be the lighting... Maybe i'll post pics and see what other people think lol
  13. Thanks! And me either! WW is Saturday and my Dad's birthday is Sunday, so I'll wait til next to finish some other stuff. I might just put the console, front seats, and brakes on it before WW and then swap the back seat over and install it after WW. I think there is gonna be enough time, but there never know how it goes.

    lol and the lighting comment. Maybe it's the T-shirt. All my stuff is XL so maybe it's just hiding my guns. :rlaugh:
  14. Dont be a wuss i know you've done 20 hour days before, whats on more right? :rlaugh:
  15. It's tough during the WW week man. So many cars out there, so many spots to sit with tons of people that I know. I went out there by myself last night and ended up meeting up with about 5-6 guys I know. Then the pack headed up to a new "spot" with at least 30 cars. Fun times!

    Hard to work on a Mustang when you can drive another!
  16. WW?
  17. Woodward Dream Cruise. The largest single day event in the entire world! It's a large cruise that begins just north of Detroit (starts in Ferndale and ends in Pontiac. It travels through 8 cities total) Pontiac is a rough area and they slashed city funding up there so there aren't many cops. That's where all the magic happens. Burnouts by by night.

    Check out the pics, events and the map.
  18. yeah no fun like that here in the district of Kali
  19. Some of you long time members remember me posting pics in my Hack Job thread when I cut my hand up pretty bad. I also have one in this thread of when I burnt my palm pretty bad on the tail pipe.

    Well....again...I injured myself. Do NOT ever place a soldering iron behind you and then put your elbows on the trunk floor to push yourself up.

    Did this Saturday.....and yes I'm working so the area around the Band-Aid is filty. lol
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  20. nice, i cut off my thumb working on Dedicated Service.