The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. ouch. car looks great
  2. Thanks man. Good to hear from ya! Haven't seen ya in a bit!
  3. The car looks awesome, Matt. I'm staying tuned into this one for final pics! :nice:
  4. Thanks Chris! I'll get there.

    And boys....I've decidied NOT to push it and try and get it ready for Woodward. There are just too many things needed to be done that require more time. The rear seat conversion/install. I ordered 2 new front PBR calipers from my parts store. Needs an alignment, insurance and plates. Needs front/back seats installed. Needs console, Cobra grill installed. Major clean up under the hood, interior and exterior. Not happy with the tires on the rims and most importantly I need to drive it. I can't just take this thing out on a trip without driving it and making sure everything is cool.

    These are things I need to enjoy taking my time with and these are final touches to the car so I want to make sure everything goes right. I still have September and October to enjoy the car this year. Woodward was so much fun last night again, and tonight we're going again!
  5. Are you training for fun or for a competition? If it's the latter, I feel sorry for you, haha.

    Damn, that's a good one!
  6. haha...thanks. Those Band-Aid "TOUGH STRIPS" have an adhesive that could hold a car together.
  7. did you get that **** put back on?
  8. it was just the portion from the base of the nail to the tip, bone wasnt removed but greatly exposed, hanging by the nail, looks as good as new now
  9. Got the back seat conversion done. Dreaded this for a month, didn't work on the car. Why? It took a total of two hours from starting to dismantle the four seats to changing them over and install them in the car.



    94-04 backing inside of seat compared to fox body inside of seat. I simply slipped the older backings inside of the newer seats. No trimming necessary.

    Sucks to have to take apart nice fox body seats but oh well.

    94-04 style seats with fox body inserts inside, latching system and hinges.

    Installed. The passenger side looks lower because the middle swing hinge (in the middle on the floor) wasn't bolted down all the way when I snapped the pic. They work perfectly.

  10. Looking good Matt!
  11. back seat? whats that? :)
  12. My tuner used to put his first child in a child seat in his 9 second Notchback. He's got an old article in his shop with a picture of it. Pretty sweet. He still has the car...22 years later.
  13. still sounds like dead weight to me haha :)
  14. Still gotta have it, it's a street car, not a drag car.
  15. Just bustin your balls, rode to school everyday in the back of an 85 vert :)
  16. I know your biggie. Don't think I'll get to the fronts and the console til the weekend. I have my nephew tonight and I bowl tomorrow.
  17. This car keeps looking better and better.

    Really nice work.
  18. Thanks. I'm hoping to get some stuff done this weekend. I'd like to drive it the last week or September and all of October before listing it for sale. I've always wanted to keep a Mustang I've built rather than bought, but I'm on #14 so far and I haven't done it. Plus, I'm almost 28 years old now. I have a wedding to pay for, and I want to redo my kitchen, and do a couple other things to the house, so I think she's gotta go. :(
  19. le sad :(
    but you got a termi so i can see it not being a big deal lol