The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. ghey, where da pics at? :D
  2. I have a few - not sure if Matt would want me to post em though :D
  3. cmon matt! Post new onez!
  4. Haven't been on in a while, but I was following this closely.

    I want to see! :D
  5. Holy crap, I haven't been on SN in forever. I'm sorry guys.....

    Yes, Justin and I did meet in person. He drove his fox all the way from Jersey to Michigan. I had one helluva Halloween party at my house and he fit in with all 50 of my friends who showed up. He even got to come to our local hot rod shop Alternative Auto Performance. They just so happened to have a dyno day that Saturday. AWESOME!

    Anyways....since I've been on Hiadus from are some badass pics for you guys. Some are blurry cause my once kick-ass Sony camera has been to too many parties and has seen better days.














  6. dude your pics are fail
    I tink it looks good? :scratch:
  7. Just read the whole thread. This came out really nice. Strong work.
  8. Straight up bad a$$ man :nice:. You do some awesome work, and have inspired me to do the dash swap on my next fox project.
  9. Like I said, my camera is done dude. I've been a party animal lately. Only 4 pics were clear.

    And thanks for all of your kind words guys!! Almost ready to sell. :leaving:
  10. Haha, you know i have to give you **** though.
  11. Looks great, sucks those springs didn't settle down at all.
  12. Very NICE!!!
  13. Thanks, I appreciate it. I think they settled a fraction of an inch from all the times it was sitting in the shop. It doesn't sit where I want it though. Hack Job sat perfect with Steeda Sport Springs and stock, used, rubber isos. BUT...this thing rides PERFECT. It is the most comfortable fox body I have ever had. Hack Job rattled my bones man, no joke. So I'm going to leave it alone.:D
  14. Here's a pic of my Terminator from March 2010. Same area, different parking spot. Bunch of fisherman were parked in the spots I had the Terminator at in spring.
    Mod Fox

  15. From my visit... :)


    Drove her from the Jersey Shore to MI. 650miles one day. 11 hours in the steed.. It was a blast!!!!
  16. And 650 miles back....haha. We now have 14 friends in common on the book. Before the trip we had two. HAHA. Everybody thought you were cool as hell.
  17. I know thats awesome! I had requests come flooding in after that night! It was seriously an AWESOME time

    New years could be round 2?? :D
  18. Could be. There are no set plans for New Years yet. Last year the party started at 8pm and the last pic I snapped was of Sam drinking water at 7:12am. haha. The 14 or so of us left....WHO KEEP IT REAL....went to sleep around 7:30am, woke up at 9:30 and started cooking breakfast. haha.
  19. Man i wish i had cool SN people close to me, Closest cool one is EPIK, and the other is that tool redfoxGT
  20. listen Son, I went to bed at like 6 at the halloween extravaganza and your ass was passed out 30 mins before by the fire hahahah!!! You know me son, i'll KEEP IT REAL!

    Haha Matt isn't all that close to me, But we have been talking for years thanks to stangnet and he's been helping me through an extreme rough patch i have been going through in my life. He's become a very close friend of mine.