The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. haha...I know. As soon as I got warm by that fire, I was doomed. Kegs of beer, 200 proof apple Cider, jello shots, pudding shots, and Alize is never a good combo. Shall I post a pic???
  2. I think you should!!!
  3. i love the interior of the car. your car is looking really good.
  4. Thanks man, I appreciate it. Needs sill plates and a dome light to be 100%. Getting cold here, 29* yesterday. :(
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  6. Starting as Stangnet buds, to going to your Halloween party, Bachelor party, being apart of your special day with your Lady, to seeing you 3 months in a row this summer - You're a great, close friend! Can't wait to take pics of my fox next to your "New Project" once she's complete :nice:
  7. Hell yeah bro. Stangnet buds, THEN Facebook friends, then Halloween party. We had to make sure we weren't scary, psycho, 63 year old, balding pedofiles first. LOL!!!! Everything we have done has been epic....Keeping the Cougars away at the 4th of July party....haha, that was epic.
  8. That is true!!!! FB changed everything haha..

    And the Cougars man..... out of control!!!!!!
  9. Im thinking about packing up my ttop and shipping it to you