The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. :shrug:

    I believe I did too. Can't wait to see though!
  2. Hey, in case you didn't know, Cobra rotors are thicker than the GTs (and obviously larger diameter). The calipers are the same as the GTs but the pads themselves are thinner, so if you buy "loaded" GT calipers, you'll have to toss out the GT pads and buy Cobra specific pads. You are right though, the caliper itself is the same.

    I'm looking forward to see this one come together!
  3. Okay the car back. And let me tell ya....what an amazing job this guy does. He fixed it perfectly and fixed it nicer than I even needed it.

    What I found out and kept to myself (til now) is that the frame rails/shock towers were rotted out. Completely, all four sides. The rest of the car is rock solid. I've never seen rails this far gone. But he cut out all the rot and put in all new metal and new sleeves where the bolts run through.

    BEFORE: :eek:


    AFTER: :D:D:D:nice::nice::nice:


    And he also did the passenger side as well.


    New springs...these are gonna ride rough....:rlaugh:

    I am VERY happy about this. The car is solid and stiff now. Gonna mock up the dash, column and weld in the firewall section that I need this weekend.
  4. For a car you might be building to sell... that extra work he did will go a long way for a potential buyer!!
  5. Fo sho! I was gonna attempt to cut it out and put a used section in, but nope. For the price he charged and the quality of work, it's best to leave it to the expert.

    Sell or needed to be done. The motor would have fallen right outta there. There was nothing solid about that area.
  6. Looks awesome Matt!!!

    I'm glad my rails are clean and rust free :) I got the car in the garage now so rust free they will stay hopefully!!! :nice:
  7. Thanks. I wish I could take credit for that work, but I can't. You should see the headers this guy makes. The welds are perfect and tiny. No need for grinding. He then buffs them and they look chrome, not I can't believe the turbo kits he fabs up either. All chrome moly support brackets. Amazing stuff at his shop.

    BTW Justin....I sold that grey 87 Mustang yesterday. Bought it 3 weeks ago and sold it in two hours on my local board. The guy left work early in a suit and tie, to come look at it and bought it. Crazy how things work out. :nice:
  8. Crazy indeed... Justin bought his white car off us... Had it in the driveway for a day or two, don't even know if we took it off the trailer!!
  9. he does some sick work! Shame i didnt live closer i'd have him do me up a turbo kit!

    No way you sold it that fast? Damn! I hope our project sells that fast when we put it up haha. What did ya get for it? shoot me a PM or text.

    And it has been hands down the nicest, most rock solid fox i have ever owned. :nice::nice::nice: I remember your dad pulling down my street with it on the trailer like it was yesterday.

    Now it needs a little more "up and go" and and some new paint and it will be perfect :)
  10. that guy did a really nice job on the frame rails....looks good
  11. i wish i would have talked to you when i gave up on my 88 with t-tops i was quoted an outragous price to fix the same area.
  12. Yeah, usually he said $600-$700 for both sides and that's with the motor already out. I have sold him parts cheap lately and given a few small freebies that have helped him out. It was a $400 cash deal. I didn't bat an eye. Definately not worth scrapping a car over just that....but if you didn't know any better, you can't blame yourself. I almost gave up on this thing til I talked to him.

    I'm a firm believer about what goes around comes around. It really worked out this time.

  13. Yup, and 8.8 is the metric equivalent of SAE Grade 5.

    That's important to point out as i've seen people buy the 8.8 bolts thinking they were the same as Grade 8
  14. I got the dash in, I got the new rack on the old K-frame. The plan is to weld up the firewall bearing this weekend, weld on 94-04 radiator brackets, mock up the rad and condensor, prime and paint the engine bay. I promise pics by Sunday!!!!

    I need help.....

    Car is most likely gonna be Torch Red (04 Cobra paint code)What color should the engine bay and valve covers be?
    Please type a number in your post of what color combo will look best in your opinion!!

    1) Red car, black engine bay, silver valve covers/silver intake?

    2) Red car, black engine bay, red valve covers/silver intake?

    3) Red car, red engine bay, silver valve covers/silver intake?

    EDIT:.......I picked number 1.
  15. were there any pics of the car before you started working on it? If there are I must have missed them somehow.
  16. 3 black engine bays on a car that is not black on the exterior looks cheap IMO
  17. ehhh. just throw it in there... no one is going to see it anyway :D
  18. If i hadda lean, i'd lean no 2 :nice:
  19. Didn't post any. I will soon. Car is clean, had rotted towers, but those are fixed. I'll get them up soon, just trying to get the progress pics on here. I lacked pics in the beginning of Hack Job.

    What bumer you like above?? :D
  20. Red engine bay with silver intake/VCs or black engine bay with red intake/VCs. I don't think that last one was an option but I think it would look BA.