The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. color combos are tough for me to envision. i'm having the same difficulty working with my project. but i think that #2 would have the most "POP" when you open the hood.

    #2 :nice:
  2. I like color combo #2
  3. option 3, but I would honestly go with a red bay and red/black intake valve covers. I am not big into a lot of silver.
  4. I like black bays on colored cars cause it reminds me of 60's era muscle cars :D
  5. I appreciate the opinions guys. Got some action from you guys quick. I am not a huge huge fan of black bays, but I think a shiney single stage black bay, with a clean 4V motor no matter the color would really pop. I can see wher MAC is coming from about black looking cheap, but it will be a gloss black (professional product) versus just a can of spray bomb flat.

    Decisions....decisions...............I'm gonna pull my hair out.

    EDIT: I pulled the trigger. I called and ordered Black Ful-Thane 2K Urethane single stage. I have about 1/2 pint of it already, so I ordered another quart. The engine bay, the underbody, fender wells and K-frame with lowers will be all painted black.
  6. I would NEVER paint a bay black... With a glossy black, to me it looks like someone skipped out on taking the time to prep and paint it. Almost like they took a black car, and painted it red without doing the bay.

    Just my .02, I'm sure it will look good in the end!
  7. I hear ya. Thanks for your opinion too. We will see what it looks like. I gotta do the underside anyways, so I'm just gonne spray the underside, work my way up top, do the fender wells, then the bay last, so I don't get dirt and oversrpray in it from the floors. If I don't like it, I can always scuff and paint it red.

    I wasn't too sure about black, but I'm thinking the black with silver valve covers will look good. It also has the factory blue plugs wires and blue intake plaque. That with the black bay I think should really stand out.
  8. Yeah, painting isn't the end of the world if it doesn't pop like you want. The black will also help hide the holes.

    When are you building a car for you? :D
  9. Black bays remind me of old skool muscle... something like this:




    I'm one of the few who is a big fan of black engine bays.
  10. Exactly....I told my buddy about an hour ago that black will help hide the holes vs. red. And I think I am building this car for me. At least for a year or two.:rlaugh: Even if it was a car for I'd keep for 10 years...I'm not sure if I'd want to take the time to get the bay done up nice like your car. It's bad as hell, but lots of time. I like getting things done fast so I can move on to another.

    I like this last pic. Yeah, I can't wait. It's Thursday. Gotta bowl tonight, then Friday/Saturday work...then I can play. :nice:
  11. How about a 2 tone?? Red on top and then after a couple inches or so down start the black and separate it with silver?
  12. I have a marvelous idea!! Red Engine bay, entirely blacked out engine. everything black, or black chrome. only thing shiny would be the cobra emblem, the plaque on the VC, hose clamps and bolt heads. Just think about it.... It would look sick!!
  13. I'm with the few and like the black engine bay and the old school look, I even thought about and still might do it to my white bay one day. Black engine bays was the way it was done and for some flat black hoods. adding some old school flare with a modern motor is going to look great. The design under there pretty much dates back to '78, that's pretty much "old school" :D
  14. theres nothing wrong with a black engine bay..mine is ...i would just paint it black
  15. I would love to smooth over and engine bay, but I just don't want that time into a car. I want to get it in and running. The car needs almost no body work. It needs nothing serious like Hack Job needed. Once it's running and everything works, it's time for sanding and painting.

    I also got everything I need for the motor to freshen it up. I still need a clutch though. Gonna go with a FMS from AM most likely.
  16. I think black would look good. I like that black bays also, for reasons previously stated. I like it old school, there's nothing wrong with some throwbacks to the 60's Mustangs.
  17. another one in for a black engine bay... but i'm sure you guys could have guessed that from my old school muscle background hahaa
  18. NICE! I'm glad i'm not the only one who likes black bays on colored cars. I was starting to think that maybe it was rice cause nobody else liked it. It just reminds me of old school.. Now if you hid all the wires so all you really saw was "engine", it would be really old school since most old muscle cars had little to no wires in the bay :D:D
  19. STOP IT!!!

    You know I'm kidding....:rlaugh::rlaugh:
  20. Sounds like I'm the only one who prefers color!!