The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. I know I'm jumping around on things that I'm not in need for right now, but tires...again....I love these up front on my Dad's GT500. 255-45-R18. They hug the wheel with that lip so they do NOT looked stretched at all. Or I also found a 255-40R18.

    Think they would clear when I turn?

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar

    or these...


  2. Wow, those supercar tires are $300 a piece. Screw that!

    FWIW, I love the look of the KDWs.
  3. I'm a big fan of BFG's. I run the g force sports on my cars but would love to get the KDW2's. A couple of my buddies have the KDW's on their cars and they love them! I also put them on a t bird i restored. They are a sick looking tire
  4. I run G Force Sports, too. Great sticky street tire, and cheap enough that you don't feel bad about hazing them every once in a while. :nice:
  5. Yeah thats about the cost of my R6's and i dont EVER want to haze them lol
  6. Dunlop Direzza Z1 star spec, hands down one nasty tire for the $$. recent top place holder in a few tire tests, gobbs of grip and look good too.


    Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec
  7. those Dunlops look hawt. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for those.
  8. Been working on this thing since 9am this morning. Taking a quick break to post this and I had to gets some thinner to clean my gun. Gonna post some pics soon.
  9. kinda gun you got?
  10. Hand gun?...Glock .40cal. :D

    Spray gun?...DevilBiss std. gravity feed. :D
  11. haha nice. 40 cal glocks are sweet. i been enjoyin my 45 from springfield
  12. 3 hours later... where are these pics? :D
  13. SO MUCH WIN!:nice:

  14. not bringing said glock .40 in the AM are you? Do I have to bring my SS220?? lol

    Gun battle for a bumper??
  15. Sprindfield makes a nice peice. My friend has an XD 9mm. I loved the feel of it.

    I promise!!!! lol...I got crazy busy after I left. Needed to shop, shower and leave to meet friends/family for dinner in Detroit. worries...I'm just bringing 20 dollar bills. I'm leaving soon, see you at the spot! :nice:
  16. Make it back ok?
  17. Oh yeah!! Thanks for meeting me halfway.

    HUGE THANKS to Chrome_Rust for the 1993 Cobra OEM rear bumper!!!:nice: He met me half way today and hooked me up. He gave me a smokin deal that I couldn't refuse!

    I know if looks rough, but it just needs stripping, primer and paint. It's straight.


    New oil pan gasket, water pump, spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, and not pictured....MOOG ball joints Made in the USA!! My shop is pressing them in....time is money. They'll be ready first thing Monday.

    Got the Cobra firewall section welded in that I needed.

    Mig'd up the sway bar mounts for extra strength.


    Inside fenderwell/shock tower after the K-frame was out. All ready for primer. It's not rusty as it looks, its all the halfa$$ red paint Ford puts on and old undercoat.

    Bay ready for some primer. Hopefully I'm going in today for that.

    Dash and column mocked in place for firewall bearing. It has to come back out for wiring later on...

    All in all a good Saturday of welding, cutting, fabbing, grinding!:nice:

    More to come..............:D

    Oh....and the Omelete I ate after meeting Chrome_Rust...

    The Everything Omelete. Like 6+eggs and everything inside with gravy...
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    I ate it up! :eek: I won't eat til 6 or 7 tonight!!
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