The Official Dtl (dorrito Tacos Locos) Thread

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  1. Most of the time a thread gets derailed it's primarily due to someone bringing up doritos, tacos, doritos tacos or some other obscure Taco Bell menu item.

    My question is, who started this Stangnet inside joke? Where did it come from?

    The "bumper" thread literally made me laugh out loud this morning (the sandy twatwaffle joke by @srtthis :rlaugh:) at work because of this ongoing humor about Taco Bell food.

    Why isn't Taco Bell and Dortitos a SN site sponsor yet? Somebody talk to Pepsi!!

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    @mikestang63 (sorry i forgot you mike!)

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  2. Hmmmmmmmm, looks like Google agrees


  3. damn it! i just blew up the bathroom and now you guys got me wanting some tacobell! i got :poo: i got to get done today i cant spend all day in the bathroom!
  4. It was Nick. He wanted Doritos tacos multiple times. I was only going to offer him those crappy breakfast waffle tacos. He was not impressed.
  5. Now I see the ad, right next to Del Taco
  6. Taco Bell must show up ALOT on these forums
  7. How exactly do I get blamed for all of this hootenanny? While I may participate in the nonsense that goes on around here I don't think I can stake the claim as taco master!? Is there a way to search for the first thread to mention tacos? I would like to pay homage to the individual responsible for many days of laughing my arse off.
  8. only girlie boys have a weak stomach.:p:p:p:fight::fight::rlaugh::rlaugh:
  9. i blame the large amounts of hot sauce...

    you know what
    **** taco bell! they got rid of my fav hot sauce!
  10. They make sauces other than fire sauce?

    ... And I wonder why I always have bubble gut
  11. I take great umbrage knowing I was not tagged. However, I present you with.................

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  12. this was more of a smoky flavor to it... cant remember the name of it. it was in a brown pack
  13. I say we make sure that this is sent on certain member's Birthdays


  14. work your magic @Noobz347, lets get to the bottom of the toilet and see who was there first
  15. They still had fire sauce at my local taco bell, has little heat to it, i've nursed medium & hot for a while then got daring :eek:
  16. I will say it was either me or Jeff to be completely honest here and we somehow roped nick into this and it just grew from there your welcome :) @TOOLOW91 @84Ttop
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  17. Thanks Mike!
  18. This guy started it. :ninja: