The Official Dtl (dorrito Tacos Locos) Thread

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  1. I figured a guy such as yourself would really go for the Quesarito... A chance to eat a bastard quesodilla (as pronounced by Napoleon Dynamite) and burrito combo? That surely is comparable to building a bastard fairmont?
  2. We have enough authentic enough Mexican joints around here I don't go to TB. Moe's is the closest to TB I will go to.

    A few friends came down for the Coca-Cola 600 and one is a general manager of TB in WV, he was shocked to find at the time the only TB in my area was burnt down. Now we have 2.
  3. Precisely !
  4. I will.leave this here....
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  5. mmm shark meat homer-simpson-drooling-animated-gif_1.jpg
  6. This thread cracked me up.. And now I am craving taco bell..
  7. make a run for the border. its time for fourth meal.
  8. funny, i'm writing this from the crapper
  9. I'm reading this from the crapper.
  10. so we have two guys in the crapper, must be the story of their life.:p:p:rlaugh:
  11. I blame every else for what is about to happen. b87a74649ca600896b33188e986edcc8.jpg

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  12. e1941bc3cbd2d6a3618c9d8fe3d3b981.jpg

    Shredded chicken mini quesadilla anyone? Got the box with it, a burrito supreme and a crunchy taco

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  13. Yo I saw that on the menu... Is it good?
  14. Yeah it's pretty good!
  15. Fug. Now I have to try it.
  16. Perfect time for 4th meal lol
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  17. It's funny how the first drive thru I went to in my first mustang was taco bell.. The lady couldn't hear anything because the car was too loud. Lol.. No doritos tacos back then though..
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  18. Bump for @84Ttop new 2015 JT Mustaco 5.0 stang
  19. 5.0 taco time!
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  20. Geeze....

    How did I miss this one? :scratch: