The Official Dtl (dorrito Tacos Locos) Thread

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  1. stir away my friend, enjoy.....

    before i kill you:stick::uzi::chair::dead::rlaugh::party:
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  2. not sure what i want more right no... tacobell... wawa turkey bowl... or rofo chicken
  3. i just had a new york yankee sandwich from jasons deli. pastrami and corned beef stacked high on rye bread with mustard and swiss cheese.
  4. Who else is pissed they got rid of of the volcano taco? Haha
  5. Love the wawa steak egg and cheese hoagie at 6 in the morning
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  6. Me! I loved that taco lol I used to fire sauce on them
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  8. How did i miss this ???????? this thread is awesome !
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  9. you are WEAK!!!!!!!!
  10. that pic Holy sh!
  11. it aint holy i can tell you that.:rlaugh::rlaugh:
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  12. Wawa is over priced and over rated!!! Havn't read the whole thread but, any one tried T Bell breakfast yet?
  13. I'm going to leave this right here...
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  14. Well it looks like I know who's gonna be chitting themselves before 9am this morning ^^ this guy @84Ttop
  15. If all goes according to plan, I'll be back at the bell for lunch!!!
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  16. i guess getting that text this morning was pay back for last night lol