The Official Dtl (dorrito Tacos Locos) Thread

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  1. Honestly if you didn't text me pictures of your Doritos Taco dinner I wouldn't have made it a point to stop on my way to work this morning for breakfast lol.
  2. i might have to stop next friday on the way to the shop to head to MIR
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  3. Can we get a review on this please :D
  4. For the record.. The waffle taco is surprisingly delicious! It has been over two hours since eating it and I am happy to report that there has not been an explosion to the bowels!
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  5. Man i love breakfast food, i can eat it anytime if the day. Gonna' look into this NEW creation :D
  6. Green mustang went to taco bell with the ttops off. Eating the goods to follow!
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  7. (shouting) what? You want twelve tacos? I can't hear you, can you turn your car down?
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  8. DAN MILLEN WHO?!?!?!
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  9. No way it took him 24 minutes to eat them. Must be on the chitter already
  10. Nick goes back for a third time in one day for Taco Bell. I think he spent a little too much time on the john.

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  11. Go thru the drive and get someone to snap a pic of the entire car at the window = Priceless!!!
  12. I am having technical difficulties trying to upload this stupid video lol. I'm going to have my brother do it... Technology and I are not cool right now...
  13. Ehhhh?? ...did you say a #5 with extra hot sauce and you wanna add 25 more doritos tacos??!!!
  14. upload to the tube and link it here bro
  15. ^^^ ban hammer this fella @Noobz347
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  16. WOW :jaw:
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  17. You knew it was coming ... Side note do we have a icon that's a hammer?
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  18. does this one work for you?

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