The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. Any info on t-tops? have a 1E 1986 t-top.

    I tried searching the thread for t-tops, ttop, etc, but didn't see any info on it.

  2. Good Stuff

    I'm sittin on 1 out of 522 1991 Calypso Green w/ Black trim Thats good right?:jaw:
  3. 1987 Mustang GT - oxford white/ sand beige interior.

    How mant of these your built? :nice:

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  4. Wish they broke down my odd ones better.

    84 Gt350 2.3 turbo and T -tops. Overall 350 made. T-top production not known, but 8 known to exist. (I had 2 at one point in time)

    89 Coupe Black on red. 2200 original miles. 41x package. Which would compare to a light weight comp prep. Its a package that deletes everything, even the free or standard stuff. Nothing else could be optioned , not an auto , or air or anything , so its not even like an SSP. Only extra that it had standard was a heavy duty battery.
    No one can even find any record of this being possible. I have the invoice in hand to prove it.

    93 LX red with black interior. Everything deleted. Manual windows, mirrors, no defrost, no a/c etc. BUT , it has an auto tranny. This was totally possible, but rare as it cost more to delete options, then it did to have them.
    History, this car was ordered by MrGasket as a test bed car for DFI. When I got it, it had a full Gen7 dfi , but was otherwise bone stock.

    any info anyone has on my 93 or my 89 , please pass it along.
  5. 1988 Tropical Yellow would be 1 of 46....but it's a 4 banger....with a tan interior.

    Too bad they can't break down 4 cyl's also.

  6. With all these members on this site surely we have some programmers. We need to get this info coded into a program hosted on this site so that all you have to do is punch in your vin and door tag and it wil decode everything for you. Other sites have this.

    I have an old C program I wrote while in college that will decode the vin, but I know the production break-down numbers are off (there wasn't accurate data back then).

    Anyway, I can help all I can but I am not familiar with Java, I only had to learn the C language for electronics.
  7. Is your info correct?

    I was going to update my program for your info and I seen that from 90 - 93 that the 8th digit you have listed can be an E or F? You are showing F for the 5.0 LX Hatchback only. The bodystyle is denoted by the 6 & 7 digit (for 87-93 its 40 for coupe, 41 for LX hatch, 42 GT hatch, 44 for LX vert, 45 for GT vert)

    As far as I know the 8th digit is only an E for the 5.0 engine code. The horsepower changes between 93-93 didn't matter with the engine code unless its a 93 Cobra then its a D.
  8. rare 1988 fox body

    1988 SAND BIEGE LX 5.0 HATCHBACK WITH TAN INTERIOR 1:95 MADE. It is completely bone stock as fo rite now not one mod well a short throwwith under 50xxx miles. I am debating wether i should modify the car or leave at a lone a little help ? the car was in a minor accident but repaired so i figured the brought the value down and i should just make it a heavily modified car.. I currently in the process of building a 351w r block with a 86 mm turbo , do know wehter i should put it in this car or the shell i have in my ddriveway... Been debating for more than a month now .. let me know what you guys think
  9. I have an 86 four cyl that i am converting to a V8. I am stuck on 2 parts. If any of you know if the spindles and lower control arms are the same between 4cyl and V8? Any help with this will be really appreciated! Thanks!!
  10. One problem

    What was the production numbers for GT T-Top 87-88:shrug:
  11. I have a 1987 LX 5.0 Coupe, 5 speed, Red on Red.

    Only "options" are air conditioning and power steering, if they were indeed options back then.

    Anybody have any idea how many of those were made with those options? I believe I read on here that there were 642 total LX coupes for that year....
  12. How would you know if its a special service car? Color code is 66B with xxx for molding. Let me know please.
  13. Wow...According to those numbers I got a 1988 SSP Notchback 1 of 379 total production for that year and 1of 23 in sand beige!

    Very Rare!
  14. how do i find out what number i am? where is it in the vin? sorry im new to the mustang.
  15. No way we can do 4bangers huh??? I have a 92 with an all blue interior with some rather odd options for a 4banger. Like power seats, premium audio, etc.. I swapped to a 5.0 but still, i'm curious :)
  16. i have a 92' lx hatch in medium titanium yg p41f 1of 259 but i have the titanium leather tuxedo stitched interior. anybody no how to break it down to know haw many combos like this was made? oh in a 5.0 of course. thanks.
  17. i am looking into it
  18. Any news on the t-top dilemna?? Just picked up an 88 GT t-top 5 speed and would like to know if I should restore or make it a weekend racer...Im thinkin more weekend racer.....btw this car is rough
  19. Nobody has or is going to be able to give you T-top production numbers right now.
  20. Cool, me too, except I have a black interior.