The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by poneypower89, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. does anyone know where to go to decode and see how many of my car was made. i know there was only 478 or 434 made. my code has a p41e but its a hatch and the codes on this sheet says a hatch is a f so not sure there.

    sorry i just seen that the what the E is for =5.0
    but what im really would like to see is how many came with 5speed with solid black interior. which is what im told didnt come on to many cars.
  2. Prob not too many, but as of right now, that info is not really available.
  3. ok thanks man. :nice:
  4. i own 1 of 5 medium red 1990 lx 5.0 convertibles.. thats not that rare though is it? :rlaugh:
  5. 1 of 368 Bright Red LX 5.0 Verts in '89.

    (with the white top and wheels, who knows...)

    Kinda cool.

    looks like I got 3.08s too...they still suck. lol
  6. I have a 90 ultra blue coupe ssp. some jerk repainted the outside black for the ga DARE unit.
  7. one in 7 made that year and only 9 ever produced??? please tell me this is accurate! Ill repaint it back to the ultra blue thats under the carpet and keep it ( its for sale on craiglist, errr was!) got it mostly stock for 2400
  8. my VIN is 1FACP40E8LF188107. The list says it should be P41E for the year. am i missing something or could this be an 89 1/2? Thanks
  9. Where ever this list was copied from, they really ****ed it up when they typed it out. The '85 list is wrong. (The 1B numbers are in there twice, with the second one titled 1E and 1B, and the second 1C list is supposed to be 1E.) Now I see the '90-'93 VIN codes for the LX sedan and LX hatchback are wrong. (The VIN codes are supposed to be the same as '87-'89.)
  10. I'm 1 of 233 royal blue GT convertibles made in 1993.
  11. I can't seem to find how many 92' calypso green, black cloth, black top, 5spd cars were produced.

    Any help?
  12. I would like to know the same as Tannerc91GT asked With the 91 MM Ultra Blue how many were hatchs America Muscle production #'s are not adding up
  13. i can't seem to find anywhere what the production numbers are for the 1980 cobra i have :(
  14. This is what I found on another site From 85saleenclone he said " Its really hard to pin down any real production #'s on the 1980 Cobra's. I think it was a simple fact that it was just an apperance package and nothing more. So production numbers were never set aside those cars they were just lumped in with the other models..2.3 turbo lived in the mustang in some form all the way till 1986." I really dont know myself hope this was helpful
  15. it was just as much of an apperance package as the 79 pace car was, they are identical. only difference was the decals and the dash/door emblems in 80, i just was hoping i would be able to find some numbers but after a month of searching i guess i will just call it quits.
  16. i have a few questions? i have a 92 special ltd vibrant red with white interior ,now by the color codes it states 93 does that mean its a 92.5? and other question my car came with a document that says only 75 where brought to canada in 92 in hopes to bring up sales does that make this car rare?
  17. They made the 92 feature to test sales for the color to use on 93 model year, cars are fairly rare, I have one with a 5 speed... one of 700 ish... cool cars..!!
  18. 1991 GT convertible, medium red with white leather articulated seats, red accents. Other than the hood and intake, completely original. Perfect interior, nearly perfect exterior. One of 64 with this paint/trim code. Has all options, all which work. According to the Marti report, it was built 8/5/91, but not sold until 4/16/92. Very, very high VIN (190582). Had to be one of the last '91s?