The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. 1991 Wild Strawberry LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41F): 1,141.If you happen to have one of these with a red and black interior with cloth sport seats you are the lucky owner of 1 of 263 built across North America. Canada USA & Mexico. Its rare and keep it pristine.I have one and I have all my parts I removed to return it to stock.
  2. 1989 Deep Shadow Blue LX 5.0 Vert 1/554 not too bad. :flag: Also here is a great book if you want to completely decode your vin number. It has pretty much every option and every code up to 2004. Really handy if you are lookin for a classic and want to see just what options it came with.

    If that link doesn't work for some reason, it's called the "Mustang Red Book"
  3. I have 1 of 1,121 92 5.0 LX Hatchbacks in bright calypso green.
  4. Many not represented!

    What about my triple black 1984 GT/Turbo vert.
    Or my 83 GLX 5.0 vert with 4 speed.
    You can put a lot of qualifiers on rarity and come up with
    many unique cars.
    Bruce (TX)
  5. I'm not sure what's going on but i have a 89GT anniversary edition and my paint code is 1K which I believe is smoke, but thats not listed there.
  6. Not a fox body, but my GTS is 1 of 96 sapphire blue.
  7. Thanks for posting that info... must have been a PITA to type that up...

    Do they have any info on 4 banger models :D Those things are the most rare lol
  8. I don't see one of mine. 91 GT convertible in Ultra Blue. Does anyone know where they are getting these numbers? Some don't look right. Only 44 Titanium Frost LX hatches in 1990? I have personally seen three or four in my area in recent times.
  9. this is still good reference for future questions and so on... lol all our others ones went down the drain.. like mnsports fuel cut-off llol
  10. 1993 GT Convertible (P45E): EG Electric Red, 1 of 420 :nice:

    Cool Info...have to pick up that issue :)

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  11. I'm getting theses Numbers from Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords May 2005 issue. I believe the numbers I put up are striaght out of that, and they probably got the numbers from Ford themselfs. Its possible that other so called "titanium frost" hatches you seen where another year,or another color closely resembling titanium frost (grey, light grey), ya know? That, or your town is just soaking up all the good cars.

    As far as your car goes, I dunno. there wasnt a listing for Ultra BLue. Go check the paint code on your tags and make sure that your car is actually Ultra Blue! If it is, then I dunno what to tell ya.
  12. They have info on the older turbo 4-bangers .... just not the 85-93 ones.. sorry man
  13. If you read some of my replies to people. I said I would go ahead and post the 79-84 production numbers from the previous Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords if more people seemed interested in those years too. So, if a lot of guys request it I will do it. (4 or 5 will be enough)... Its just a pain to type up and takes some time so I want to know people will appreciate it ya know? :nice:
  14. Its there.... 1K for 1989 is Light Grey
  15. id definatly make this a sticky, i want to do the mustanggt thing so i can get more specific details, but ive seen so many threads in talk asking to give production numbers and you can hardly find it anywhere, i would also request this as a sticky

    the only reason i would want to go further with my car is because i have black interior, 3.08 gears, and some other options, not sure if they can give me the info with the options but i jkust want to see how detailed they can get, can i just get the information trhough email? or do i have to call them, the site they posted to the third generation national registry dosent work...
  16. Imagine having to type up the production number for option available mustang :notnice: I'd be here for 20 years :rlaugh: Yeah, the national registry didnt work for me either. So I dunno.

    How would a person go about making a sticky?
  17. ha yea that would be pretty boring and not worth it lol, but im pretty sure a mod has to make it a sticky, maybe pm one and resuest it? i think its worth it from all the posts ive seen about people asking, and even if people dont ask, im pretty sure everyone would be interested in how many cars are like theirs
  18. I know I've never seen another Mustang painted the same color as mine.

    66 Tropical Yellow
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P40E): 67
  19. Me either... When I was looking at those color codes I was amazing to find yellow. I've never seen a yellow fox body that was orginal paint. Always repainted to be yellow.... You my friend are a lucky guy. :flag:
  20. 1K Light Grey
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P40E): 312
    LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41E): 525
    LX 5.0 Convertible (P44E):434
    GT Hatchback (P42E): N/A
    GT Convertible (P45E): N/A

    There is no GT listed there. Wonder if these numbers don't include the 89 1/2 to 90 1/2 models.