The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. Good point... The numbers may have not been available for the GT's? I dunno. But it looks like either way 1K is light grey and not smoke...
  2. Originally one of 1799 Bright Regatta Blue 5.0 LX hatchbacks, but now an even-more-rare 1 of (I dunno, but less than 1300 over 2 years) in Deep Emerald Jewel Green. It's the only '89 I know of that's painted that color, at least.
  3. I like the yellow color. I saw one like this at Mustangs Unlimited for sale a few times. It says they made a lot of GT's in that color but I don't remember seeing any. Back in the late 80's I remember seeing all kinds of Mustangs with colors like that. That was the taste back then. I don't remember sand beige so I would like to see that.

  4. Thanks to tylers65

    :banana: Thanks goes out to tylers65 for making this a sticky! :banana:

    Because this is a sticky now, I feel more motivated to post the 79-84 production numbers. So stay tuned and look for those to be up in a couple of days as time allows! :nice:
  5. That info is a little off because it doesnt break down the ones with the lower titanium accent. My 92 GT is Titanium Frost on top with the Lower Titanium Accent which only 103 were produced of the 547 Titanium Frost Cars.
  6. That doesnt neccessarily mean it's off. Your cars color is more than likely considered the color the actual car is... not counting the two toned ground effects. As there were quit a few cars that were two toned. Red/with grey ground effects, Blue/with grey ground effects... and etc.

    In order to comprise a break down of EVERY SINGLE option a mustang could have would take up hundreds of pages of information...

    What this list is ... is a very good *basic* break down of production numbers. It's not actually off, the numbers aren't *wrong*... they just aren't broken down extremly extensively like you are wanting.
  7. I got mine broke down on and that is how I found out only 103 of the 547 were 2 tone.
  8. ok? I must be confused.. does that mean the numbers i posted were off? or just not broken down as much as you hoped for?
  9. Im the proud owner of the most produced version of the LX ever.....YES!!!! :banana: :spot: IN YO FACE 93' Cobra :owned:
  10. DUDE! Me too!!! What are the odds two people on this thread have the same car! One of over 5,000, we should hold on to these diamonds in the rough. :D
  11. the link does not work for me, could someone be so kind to pump 2 vins through it
    1ftcr14t3jpb56961 88mustang
    1fabp28m7ff227219 85mustang
  12. damn, i had a 1 of 312 dove grey '89 lx coupe

    i had a 1 of 829 ox white '88 lx coupe

    then it gets silly...1 of 1,556 red GT

    and craziest of all is my 1 of 4,106 limited edition '90 LX 'vert

    that was my baby til it was stolen

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  13. Here is a pick of my friend jim's 1 of none as it was refered to 91' calypso green 5.0 notch with a standard tranny and all black interior not made availible to the public. There was a handfull of calypso green cars made in late 91 production but had either 4 cylinders,grey interior,automatics or hatches. The difference in the 91's and 92's were the body clad moldings were monochramatic for 92 and black for 91.[​IMG]
  14. Not just the color, we're one of 24,734 LX hatches produced that year. Ford went bonkers with the LX that year :nice:
  15. Mine is #102 out of 271 built the way mine is out of the total 1503 yellow for the features.
  16. Not off, just need broken down more. I still have the sales brochure from 1992 and under colors Titanium Frost is listed seperat from Titanium Frost with Lower Titanium Accent.
  17. 9L Oxford White
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P40E): 1,996

    89 Coupe here.
  18. i got here one of the super rare cars here 1 out 878 1987 LX 5.0 Hatchback 2H Medium Cabernet (P41E) ever made :rlaugh: :p sorry dont mind me