The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. I think my 89 is a 3R but my vin say 3K.
  2. Wow my old '90 2.3L LX was really rare! Besides the fact that it was a 25th anniversary model, it was that bright red color (was that strawberry red?) with a red interior and it was a HATCHBACK! yeah baby, only one of 20,000 :crazy:
  3. Cool!!!! My notch is one of 702 produced in electric red doesn't look like they had that color any other year? How do you find out how many had certain types of interiors, tranny's, etc.? The fact that mine came factory with a 5-speed and black interior probably makes it kind of rare.
  4. 1 of 2,315 Wild Strawberry Red....yay :D
  5. Mines is:
    1992 YO Oxford White
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P41E): 651
  6. Just for the heck of it... if anyone knows, or knows where I can find, this type of information on my car I'd much appreciate it.

    1979 5.0L Notchback Ghia Coupe
    Ext Tangerine
    Int Black
    VIN 9F04F151442
  7. emerald green wasn't availabe on all mustangs until '91

    in '90 you could get it on the limited ed. 'vert only

  8. if you wanna see a cool tropical yellow notch, look at the bfg drag radial ads in any of the car mags.

    it's lidio iacobelli's car that owns alternative performance in clinton TWP. MI

    it's doing a's a 9 second car, used to be his wifes, then he took it from her. might be an '88 but i thought it was an '89
  9. I have an 88 LX 5.0 HB (P41E) that is 8L Sand Beige. It's 1 out of 95 according to the list. Somewhat rare I guess?? :shrug:
  10. More rare than a Boss 429 as far as production numbers go.

    I on the other hand have the most common model and color of 1989: Oxford White GT hatch.
  11. hmmm I have a 91 Calypso Green LX Hatch. Its listed here as P41F but I'm positive my car is a P41E???

  12. I have a similar problem my VIN says my stang is a Sedan but its a Hatchback
    :shrug: But i now know what the color of my car is called. Wild Strawberry :nice: thanks for posting the list
  13. Only 454 of my car ever made.. thats pretty cool. I saw that in the mag and was pretty supprised. :)
  14. Production Number Thread

    Hey guys , My87 LX (2D) Medium Scarlet Hatchback (P41E) 1,545 made that year not the smallest amount but not largest amount. :nice:

  15. I just got this off of amazon, wow this things loaded with info, definatly a good refrence book
  16. Picture of car in My Garage. Sorry don't know how to put it in here.
  17. Your VIN Starts with 1FA for Ford USA
    4th digit is restraint system
    P = passenger car
    41 = LX 2 Dr Hatchback
    E = 5.0 Engine

    So your VIN would have to be P40E for it to be a 5.0 Notch.
  18. Ok I understand now. Thanks shakerhood for the info, im still learning :nice:
  19. LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41E): 3,832
  20. 1992 Bimini blue coupe (P41E) 1 of 291
    somewhat rare.