The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. No Problem! I have a damn expensive Ford Service Manual and its full of little tidbits like that. At least it helps offset the cost!
  2. *UPDATE

    Due to the fact stangnet has a limit on how many characters are allowed in a single post, I could not place this information on the first page.

    If anyone knows how I may be able to get it there, let me know!

    Anyways, here is the 1983 and 1984 production numbers... keep looking for even more updates!
    1983 Total Model Production Numbers

    GLX Sedan (P26F): 1,170 (356 of them Special Service)
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 27,995
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 6,369
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 556

    1983 Color Production Numbers

    24 Red
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 58
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 4,299
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 637
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 81

    27 Bright Red
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 42
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 4,813
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 1,639
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 94

    35 Light Cadet Blue
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 31
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 117
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 298
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    61 Medium Yellow
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 30
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 44
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 140
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    1B Medium Charcoal Metallic
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 98
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 5,118
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 362
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 67

    1C Black
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 123
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 6,424
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 992
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 174

    1G Silver Metallic
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 39
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 2,196
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 259
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 67

    2G Bright Bittersweet
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 10
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 48
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 44
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    3L Midnight Blue Metallic
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 36
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 100
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 341
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    5C Dark Cadet Blue
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 73
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 117
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 369
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    5U Dark Walnut Metallic
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 51
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 35
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 49
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    9D Polar White
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 131
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 4,550
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 1,148
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 73

    9N Medium Desert Tan Glow
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 46
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 90
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 60
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    9Q Light Desert Tan
    GLX Sedan (P26F): 46
    GT/GLX Hatchback (P28F): 44
    GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 31
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A

    1984 Total Model Production Numbers

    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 7,643
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 1,395 (448 of them Special Service)
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 29,142
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 731
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 3,241
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): 4,507

    1984 Color Production Numbers

    35 Light Academy Blue
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 276
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 64
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 102
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 1
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): N/A

    1C Black
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 1,135
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 214
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 6,471
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 99
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 654
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): 1,446

    1E Silver
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 517
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 67
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 3,048
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 93
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 433
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): 976

    2A Medium Canyon Red
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 652
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 50
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 3,061
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 92
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 381
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): 1,021

    2E Light Canyon Red
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 1,190
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 61
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 3,636
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 128
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 408
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): N/A

    5C Dark Academy Blue
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 246
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 123
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 168
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): N/A
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): N/A

    8Q Light Desert Tan
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 79
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 13
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 519
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 12
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 57
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): N/A

    9C Bright Copper
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 73
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 18
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 840
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 19
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 108
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): N/A

    9L Oxford White
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 2,608
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 181
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 7,135
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 198
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 731
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): 1

    9N Desert Tan Poly
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 32
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 33
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 64
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): N/A
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): N/A
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): N/A

    9W Dark Charcoal
    LX 5.0/GT Convertible (P27M): 835
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P26M): 123
    LX 5.0/GT Hatchback (P28M): 4,098
    GT Turbo Convertible (P27W): 89
    GT Turbo Hatchback (P28W): 469
    SVO Hatchback (P28T): 1,063
  3. One of 513 (p41f) LA royal blue LX's. Id like to know how many of those had the Opal Grey (93 only interior) like mine. Mine was also made for Canada so When It was brought back to the states some dummy put a 4cyl speedo in it, I really need to change that but it gets to 85 really quick.
  4. 1 of 610 not to shabby
  5. 1987--
    1C Black
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P40E): 62

    Rare I would guess.
  6. I was watching something on the History Channel about the Airforce and there was a Notch on base that had US Airforce on the sides, it was pretty cool!
  7. I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but you could get all of the info listed in MM&FF for many years. is where you went for it. Stew Jones could give you the exact date of production of your car, how many were produced like it that day and that year. The day that specific option groups are broken down is the day that I will get excited. MM&FF is regurgitating old news in my book.
  8. I f you peek down in the front support there is a Tag near the drivers side headlight and it has the date of production for your car.
  9. And if you look at the vehicle certification tag, and find the color stamp on the inside fender apron or radiator support you will know the month and day your car was made. I am well aware. I've been at this hobby for quite some time.

    What I'm saying is the information MM&FF is putting out is not new. It is OLD! And not totally correct. They just pulled the information from someone who already had published it. I know of one person that is currently running through Fords Database to try and get specific production numbers on T top production, deleted options, and other things that cannot be determined from the vin code. This is taking years to process because of the legalities and the way the database is organized. When Kevin Marti produces the info, I'll be more apt to believe it is accurate. The only thing listed is exterior color, interior color, and engine size. That's it so far. I personally want more specifics. Like 88 GT t top production. 1987-93 LX coupe A/C delete and radio delete production numbers. The unusual production runs and options.
  10. That is the tag I was talking about. I did the Stew Jones thing years ago and had him print out the paper for me.
  11. I've got a 89 Tropical Yellow coupe. Its says 1of 67.
  12. I was referring to the tag on the door or the door jamb. It has all the options listed on it. I thought you were referring to the "buck tag" on the radiator support. From 82-86 that is the only way to tell if the car was officially a GT or not. That is something that Stew couldn't tell you.

    I guess I am a little disappointed in MM&FF. My frustration is probably coming through my post. I am just ready for some new information. I saw the first article on the news stand and actually put the magazine down. It gave me no new info. Stew can break it down a little for you and Peter Sessler can do some of the same. But no one can give you T top production, GT options, or delete options. I want the same info provided to the 67-73 Mustang owners. The bad thing is, I know the information is there. I got a confirmation from a Ford executive about 5 years ago on this and where the database information was stored. The problem is the legality of getting that info. The only one that legally has rights to get it is Kevin Marti. And all of the red tape he's having to go through is slowing him down some. It could be later this year, or it could be years from now. There's no telling. When I talked to Kevin 2 years ago in 2003, he said it could be done by Christmas that year. Where is it? Still not done. I understand the hoops he has to go through, what I get frustrated at is a large magazine acting like it is giving out new info. It's not. All it is doing is making the avenue easier in which the information is provided. It is good that this is happening. Maybe it will make Ford itch a little to get the information to Kevin faster. They are holding his hand at the moment. He cannot release the info until Ford o.k.'s it. I'll say this. Stew did not get the information properly and is not allowed to charge for it. He can only charge for his labor. ;)
  13. Capri Production Numbers

    Mustang Production Numbers 79-86

    Some decent reading for FoxChassis owners along the same lines as this post. Not quite as detailed, but something for comparison. Note the dates of the posts. Well over 2 years ago. They are updated regularly as certified sources come up with more detail.
  14. I misunderstood you, I was referring to the Buck Tag, sorry!
  15. thanks poneypower!!!
  16. LoL looks like someone appreciates it :nice:

    No problem :nice:
  17. Please don't misconstrue my posts. I was not meaning to degrade what you have done by posting this. It took a good bit of your time to post it. It is good to have it out at the forefront of the forum for people to look up. But, it is just as Shakerhood mentioned a couple of pages ago in that all of the info available was not published. There's actually more available through other avenues. The info is also not correct because it does not list Ultra Blue for 1991 and I know of two GT's in that color with titanium accents. It is not that the info is not "good" or that you should not have posted it. IMHO, I'm very glad you did. On one hand it is great that people can find out some info about their cars, and on the other hand it will show what is wrong with the info by people posting that they own a particular car that's not listed.

    In all honesty I was sharing my frustration about MM&FF publishing such incomplete information. It was in no way directed towards you. Sorry for making you think that.

    Shakerhood. We were talking about the same thing, just using different terminology. Sorry to sound so rude.

    I was just re reading this whole post today and got to mine. I didn't mean to sound so rude. I came in guns a blazin. As I said in those. I am just not pleased with MM&FF's performance on this. It seems as if that article was an afterthought to me. IMHO.
  18. I have an 88GT vert and I sent an email and $10 to and they mailed me a complete break down my cars vin#. I know how many were made with my paint code, interior code etc... very interesting.