The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. No paint codes in the VIN. But, there should be a paint code on the driver's side door tag.
  2. Paint colors - chart...

    Hey anyone know where to find samples or examples of all the paint colors used in a certain year? I have a 91 coupe and its the oxford white, but i'm thinking about going another color, but i'd only go to another stock color i think.

  3. LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41F): 1,915

    looks like my black 1992 hatchback is 1/1,915
  4. dang darn, the door was changed though!!! :bang:
  5. yay, 1 of 10,097
  6. If all else fails, just start taking things off to find a part of the car that was not painted again. When people get their car repainted, they usually don't get the engine bay painted. So it should still be the original color. If that was painted, then lift the carpet and see what color the floor is.
  7. Thanks! did that the other day, everythings black! cool!
  8. No problem.
  9. Ok so 91 EP is bright red and in 92 EP is vermilion. Is it actually the same color???
  10. not too unique but 1 of 1027, not bad not bad. :D
  11. same with me, althought its not cabernet red anymore :D
  12. T-Tops

    :canada: I have a 1986 t-top Capri RS. Black and charcoal exterior, tan interior, 5 speed with air. I know that 3,303 1986 RS cars were made, but I dont know how to get a breakdown by colour. Of that 3,303 cars 96 were hardtops and approximately 300 had sunroofs. So the math indicates that the other 2,900 or so cars were T-tops. The plan was for all of the '86's to be T-tops but the dealers wouldn't have it.
    If anyone can help me with a more comprehensive number breakdown I would really appreciate it.
  13. 1990 - YO Oxford White - GT Hatchback (P42E): 7,110

    No surprise, a white GT is about as common as it gets...
  14. 1 of 379 1988 Special Service, and 1 of 776 1989 Special Service, 1 of 1256 oxford white 90 LX Coupe
  15. YX Titanium Frost
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P41E): 557

    With grey GT interior
  16. dang still no numbers on my 82.....
  17. 91 black gt convert 1 of 300 woot
  18. Hmm. my car is 1990 coupe, but my vin reads:
    1990 Model Production Numbers

    LX 5.0 Sedan (P41E): 7,905 (921 of them Special Service)
    LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41F): 17,409
    LX 5.0 Convertible (P44E): 9,692
    GT Hatchback (P42E): 33,639
    GT Convertible (P45E): 12,252

    Im not seeing a p40 under the 1990 numbers.

    But my color is MA.

    MA Light Crystal Blue
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P41E): 434
    LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41F): 478
    LX 5.0 Convertible (P44E): 210
    GT Hatchback (P42E): N/A
    GT Convertible (P45E): N/A
  19. 1988 GT Convertible here (P45E on the VIN), but the door sticker lists 66B under the exterior color code. I've always been under the impression that it's the Dark Grey Metallic, but I don't see that listed, either.

    Scratch that -- just checked behind the headlight and it looks like 1D:

    1D Smoke Poly
    LX 5.0 Sedan (P40E): 452
    LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41E): 1,629
    LX 5.0 Convertible (P44E): 277
    GT Hatchback (P42E): 5,075
    GT Convertible (P45E): 902
  20. Here's a good one.....

    1989 LX 5.0 Coupe, Bright Regatta Blue with gray vinyl interior...... no options at delete, no a/c, no power sindows or locks......ect......... but it has an AOD.

    1 of 4 LX 5.0 Sedan Bright Regatta Blue (P40E) with gray vinyl interior.

    It's still all original, has never had a radio in it, and wears it's original factory paint......