The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. 1 of 1,226 Vibrant white (WB) LX hatchbacks made in 1993

    I had the 3rd gen registry break it down more:

    Hi, your Mustang was built on 6-8-1993, your exterior code is WB, your interior codes are DJ. Combined, your mustang is 1 of 330 built like this. If you would like a data sheet $10.00 with this & more info on you Mustang just let me know.

    Check this coupe out I found it on Corral. Black, black vinyl interior, no options other than a radio.
  2. hmmm

    well i didnt know my lill hot rod was 1 of 94...... :canada: interesting...very very interesting. its a 1987 lx notch the looks of the forum ive got the rarest so far. and guess were she is..........thats right boys and girls. IN CANADA......HA :canada: :banana: :spot:
  3. i have an 84...why doesnt it exist?
    btw sorry about the post above, starting typing in the wrong window and i dont know how to delete it
  4. Kevin Marti will have Mustang production #'s through 1994

    He will have the production info and breakdowns for Ford Lincoln Mercury vehicles through 1994. The release is planned to be 6 to 9 months out. Possibly sooner. This will help fill some of the loopholes that are currently void. The release of this information will also correct many of the mistakes in the numbers released so far as well as give more specific breakdowns with axle ratios and electric options ( power windows, locks, A/C, defrost..etc.)

    I talked to Kevin this morning. He was very busy and the conversation was short. He confirmed that the release is 6-9 months out. I asked about convertible and T top production because Ford farmed that out. He couldn't confirm or deny that the information is there for those vehicles. I will say that his information is directly from the Ford databases and that they will be more accurate than anything released so far. Kevin will give more care and concern to details about this than any other person on the planet.

    Just FYI. Stay tuned.


  5. My 93 coupe is 1 of 906 Vibrant White Coupes made.

    Not bad.
  6. 1 of 463 Light Dark Titanium 1990 5.0 coupes.

    I wish the guys at Third Generation News and Beyond were still operating, I'd love to know how many were made just like mine(grey cloth/automatic/SSP). I never get a response back from the 'Quick Check'.
  7. 1983 GT/GLX Convertible (P27F): 992

    So I guess I have 1 out of 992?
  8. Hey guys i havn't done that registry thing but i was just wondering does anyone else have a lx optioned like mine it is a 93,(with a 92 build date) electric red, 5.0, auto. with power windows, doors, mirrors,a/c, and a sunroof,but no posi(form the factory, it will have that shortly)I guess there are only like 1,200 with that color but i was wondering about all the options have only ever seen one like it, it was a five seed and blue, and it is destroyed in the first part of final destionation 2, i cried a little. If you have not see you should check it out, or maybe not
  9. Production #'s ?

    I got a Black 88 GT T-top. i did't see them mention t-tops anywhere. can you tell me how many they made? supposedly less then 800.

    thanks in advance.

  10. 1986 Gt's
    :nonono: N/A.....Not available or Not applicable???

    The numbers don't add up. I have seen over 6 Slate metallic GT's (HB's)in my lifetime.

    I know of 3 slate Gt verts as well. Pretty rare as most 86 GT verts are Red, Black or White.
  11. Am I reading this right, I have 1 of 14. 1990 Lx hatch Medium red (P41F).
  12. the grand scheme of things all Fox owners have relatively rare Mustangs according to the numbers at the start of this thread. If yours is one out of 3,500 you are still much rarer than most of the 65-68 owners. They made a million Mustangs in 1966 ya know.

    My car is one of the more rare out of the early years (67 vert) and was still "one out of 23,000" or so. Of course there's nowhere near that many still on the road now, but the Foxes are getting a bit long in the tooth too so you'll be getting some advantage of attrition (rust/collision/breakdown) too.
  13. iv got a '89 3R Medium Shadow Blue LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41E):1-1,107
    and a
    '90 EM Medium Red LX 5.0 Hatchback (P41F):1-14 <-------:shrug: iduno if thats right? it's got black Interior!
  14. ive got a 92' hatch Medium red the style i got is one of 355 apparently
  15. 91 Calypso Green coupe, 1 of 159. I've seen a few others of the same in pics, but never in person. I would also like to narrow it down to see how many had black clothe interior and 5 spd.
  16. I've never been able to find any official #'s on how many 92 1/2 limited edition vert's were made with a 5 spd. ( perf. red w/ white leather & white pony's) Anyone?
  17. My color code is 2K ... got any info on that one ? (its an 89 btw)