The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by poneypower89, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. I found it as 84-95 Candy Apple Red :shrug:

    Are you sure that's the paint code because i don't even see it listed as an option on 1989 GT's
  2. yeah I'm not sure about the color code .. car is Black and bottom gray ! .. car is instorage so I dont have acces to the door panel sticker

  3. The code for Black is 1C. I know this because my car is also black.

    WIth the gray lower, the full paint code will be 1C73

    73 refers to titanium lower paint

  4. great .. ty
  5. no wonder ive only seen like 2 car that look like mine, 1 of 344
  6. 93 lx chrome yellow vert here...1 of 1503 and 1 of 427 with the black top and a 5 speed I think..
  7. I have a 1 of 18 car

    I have a bright copper metallic 84 5.0 5 speed coupe W/ a sunroof and tan interior, now i KNOW all 18 of these coupes did not have factory sunroofs!, and I a white have an 80 mustang droptop from Tomaso, also 2 SVO's low production 84 charcoal, and 86 black, and just sold 1c 86 5.0 5 speed coupe non ssp w power nothing. :shrug: maybe one of the rarest
  8. where are you finding the paint code in the vin? before the p40e or after?
  9. I dunno if this post is frequented much but FWIW, I have an 87 Gt, oxford white and titanium from the factory..(all white now) but has the PW, PL, PM and cruise all deleted. It did have an am/fm sterio but no cassette player. Also didnt have the hatch release in the glove box but does have the fuel door release which I guess they all that. Lets see, has the inflatable lumbar and adj. bolsters, which I guess is standard equipment.
    Car was a late bloomer in the 1987 run, according to the consecutive build number it was 152,000 of 159,000 or something if I remember right. I know that white Gts were like bellybuttons and something else but I just am wondering about the deleted options which apparantly from what ya'll are saying in this thread is information that is hard to come by.......l8r
  10. mine's a 1990 GT, GT Hatchback (P42E): 53 that makes it very rare!
  11. has onyone ever had a fox with stickers on the side where the 5.0 Badges are that say mustang boss 302 with a pinstripe going down the whole car and on teh back also saying mustang boss small on the opposite side of the ford emblem?
    also who else has that like isrish kilt plad interior i personally love it ha my car is a red 88 GT with red carpets seats and a black and red dash i think it sounds kinda liek an oddball?
  12. Well I have a 92 Bimini Blue (k3) coupe 1 of 291, not bad as I've only seen 2 others in the past 10 years...

    But I'd sure like to have 1 or 2 Ultra Blue (mm) 92 coupes..... Are they still alive or torn for scrap years ago?
  13. Maybe I over looked something but I didnt see anything on

    85 GT T tops 5 speed jalapeno red
  14. Sorry to bring up an old thread but both the sit and the other one seem to be down..any help?
  15. I have an '88 gt convertible.
  16. I just picked up a 1992 LX Hatchback, 5 speed, Emerald Green, 5.0.

    How many of them??
  17. And to think I allmost painted my 92 lx 5.0 Bright Calypso Green vert black.
    1 of 646 produced. I wonder if theres a place to see how many are still registered?
  18. I was the original owner of a green 97 Cobra, the only year they made the green ones, I have only seen one like it before or since. It doesn't really matter to me anymore since I traded it in after 99 months of flawless use. But there can't have been many of them made.

    This conversation made me curious so I looked it up, production of green 97 cobras with leather (didn't know cloth was even an option on the Cobra) was 1,028 and the lowest of that model year.
  19. Hello all, I just found this forum while searching to see how many 5-speed '85 GT Convertible Mustangs there are. I found that there are only 5549 GT Convertibles. Anyone know where to find how many are automatic and/or manual?
  20. 1 or 776 89 LX SSP's right here