The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. Nice man, incredible work on those valve covers.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, I can't wait to get the engine bay finished so I can get it running and start working on the body!!!!
  3. Looks badass man...

    Is that blue and black, like to decide between or just a blue flake on black?

    I like the black better if it is.
  4. I took House of Kolor clear intercoat and added a powdered blue satin pearl to it and sprayed that over the black and the silver. In some light it looks straight black but on some other angles it looks dark blue. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first but it grew on me real quick.
  5. looks great keep up the great work
  6. sick vc's.
  7. A lil update, I wasn't able to do much the last two weeks cause of other stuff in my life but last week I was able to paint my control arms and sway bars. I'm redoing my sway bars cause I did them in red and changed my mind and am going to do them in orange to follow the black/silver/orange thing. The shocks are red but I will be leaving them since they are Lakewoods. Orange shocks would look strange IMO.

    I put the rear and new control arms in the car this morning, I took pics but I guess my boss forgot to burn them to the CD I brought home with me.

    I also started finishing my engine bay up. Got half way into it and then got sidetracked with the job switch and motor rebuild and everything else. So here is the progress I got done today. Welded the holes shut that I thought I needed on the rad support and dont need anymore. I also hacked off the lower rad support cause someone pulled the car by it and bent it all up so I will be fabbing up a tubular lower rad support for it. I boxed the sway bar mounts and am so glad I did cause it looks 1000000 times better. I also welded the holes for the windshield fluid line and the MAP sensor holes. I will be running the hose through the cowl and the MAP sensor is going in the inner fender area. The main engine harness is also going to be run behind the dash so no wires will be in the engine bay at all. I also trimmed down the pinch weld on the fire wall to clean that up a bit. I If all goes well Im hoping the engine bay will be painted by December and the motor will be going in. Anyways, enjoy the pics. I'll post the pics of the rear installed on monday.


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  8. Here are the pics of my control arms painted and my rear end installed. Im waiting to install the sway bar cause Im going to re paint it orange.


    Those rusty Ford C springs may be replaced by some eibachs I have, I just dont know what they are cause the part number doesn't come up on their website.

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  9. P.O.S

  10. very nice work. That motor is going to look sick. keep it up man :nice:
  11. DAMN! Its lookin NICE!!!! :nice:
  12. lookin good jesse...
  13. Thanks, the weekends take so long to come around!!! I wish i could take a week off of work to work on my own car!!! I could get the bay done with a week straight or working on it for sure. I just gotta be patient.
  14. Here's a little more progress for you guys, I decided that I am going to be running the engine harness behind the dash and the brake lines down along the k member against the steering rack so I fired up the welder and closed all of the holes that remained from the shock towers back. Tomorrow I will be working on fabbing up my lower rad support out of 2 1/2 inch exhaust tubing I have laying around the shop. More pics will be up late tomorrow afternoon.

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  15. Badass dude.

    Get rid of that pinch along the firewall while your at it. :D
  16. I thought about it but its a ton of work and welding, plus if my hood flies up and I end up having to change the cowl my life will be that much easier to just drill the spot welds out. I did think about it tho. Hell who knows, if I get bored maybe I will. lol
  17. Here's the progess I got done today, I was able to stay late so I got to get a solid eight hours done, damn customers are constantly coming into the shop so that slows me down a bit when I'm working on my car.

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  18. Keep up the good work man. Shes gonna be pretty!
  19. Looks great , I like that Idea of covering up the part were the swaybay bolts onto, But how you going to tighten the bolts without them turning or did you weld them on so they won't turn? Good jobs