The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. Underside of the hood???

    COme on Jesse, some of us live through your pics.

  2. Go back to the paint pics of when I painted the engine bay. I did the underside of the hood then! lol
  3. Did you put a break and do it black, orange and silver? I'm terrible at remembering things!
  4. Nice work!!! BUT....I see that's a fiberglass cowl hood. I don't see holes for hood pins. You should pin that hood. The latches rub through the fiberglass. Every hood I've seen fly open and ruin the cowl has been an aftermarket hood that had no pins.
  5. I hate hood pins. I have ran this hood since 2003 and never had a problem with it. You just gotta make sure you adjust it and run a safety. This is a Cervinis hood. A lllllooong time when I first had it on I had it pop up but the safety latch caught it. I will never run hood pins. They are super gaudy imo. They only look good on old cars.
  6. I couldn't agree more!! I HATE hood pins too. Glad to hear that you have another method of saving your car IF that were to happen.

    Do you mind sharing some info or even better pics of the safety?? I'm putting that 4V in a fox and I HOPE to run a stock factory hood, but if it won't clear, I'll have to go with a cowl.
  7. Its a stock safety latch just like a factory hood. Comes that way from Cervinis.
  8. The stock catch is really all you need. I don't know why it didn't catch peoples hood on the threads I've seen where they've blown up. Strange...
  9. Jesse...

    Badass work! But I HATE you. Every time I see this thread I end up on Craigslist looking for a cheap roller to start my own.


  10. You have a nice Mustang with a similar paint job silly!....:rlaugh::nice:
  11. Alot of aftermarket hoods dont have the stock safety, which is stupid imo. I wont run anything but a Cervinis hood, actually, I won't run anything ody wise that isn't Cervinis!
  12. Of all the people to tell me to stick with my one Mustang.

  13. Jesse,

    Lookin amazing my man we gotta get in touch again so I can come up to the shop and see this thing.

    PS. Everytime I see this thread it makes me kick myself in the ass for selling the notch cause I want a fox so bad now. In the next year or so Ill be selling the 00 GT for a truck and another project fox to start. You inspired me!!
  14. LMFAO!!! Right! I guess I mean....I'll allow you to build another stang, as long as you don't sell the one you own now. Then again, I have no room to talk....:rlaugh::rlaugh:
  15. BTW...are the holes in the Cervini hood steel sleeved for the bolts that hold the catch on?
  16. They are those nutserts that you use that rivet gun type thing to install.
  17. Car will be completely prepped for paint this weekend! Just waiting to find a place to shoot it!!!!!
  18. Awesome cant wait to see it :nice: Is your shop going to be getting a booth?..I need my 87 Vert re-painted..Do you guys do that type of work? or are you guys waiting on the booth?
  19. We have been working on getting a new shop built on our property. The shop use to be a Corvette only shop and they only did mechanical work. My boss took over and was more interested in doing all cars and full restoration work. It's tough doing mechanical work and body work in the same shop but we manage. We're finishing up on a 60 T-Bird that we did a full rotisserie resto on in the shop. That car was a big pain in the ass cause it was so big! We work out of a four bay shop. Any job that comes in that requires us to do the whole car we do all the body work and prep work on and then sublet the painting to another shop in town. It works out great but I'm dying to paint cars myself!!!