The Official MACn89blckstng Progress Thread

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  1. So whats the word did you start sprayin yet?
  2. I hate doing mech/body work in the same area. Grease and paint don't mix. I hate it.
  3. Great job mann.....:nice:
  4. The car is gettin sprayed next weekend! Just to keep you guys informed.
  5. NICE!!! Let me know as soon as its done and I am makin a trip to see this thing!
  6. About time!!! j/k...I know it's a project. So this summer then we can see some outside photo shooting sessions?
  7. Well, its not painted yet. Last week I stopped by a local body shop and talked to the owner and he said I will probably be able to use his booth March 6 so until then I won't be able to do anything to her. I'd rather wait and use a legit booth to spray it in now.
  8. Ah damn got everyone so excited though including me!
  9. your doing the right thing i though of shooting it myself but i am going to do the same thing except just pay someone to shoot it. i have a friend that owns a shop and he can cut me a good deal when i am ready to shoot sense being in a rush you want it perfect and you're going about it the right way.that being said i can't wait to get my new screensaver pic on my desktop .
  10. HAHA thanks man. I can't wait to paint it either. It's hard to believe that I'm actually going to be driving this thing in the next couple months! I need to get my tax return and get the weatherstripping and then I can start putting my interior in and all that stuff. The door panels may take a little while to fab up tho.
  11. i am all over the place with mine still waiting on some money a friend owes me so that i can start on ths suspension parts.i think i am going to work on the inner quarters and the center console this weekend.i also have to fab up my door panels i am putting in 8" mustang subs kind of tricky .
  12. After seeing your paint thread I set here and read all 17 pages of this.

    I can't wait until you get this car together!
  13. BUMP!!! lol...
  14. Hey I think this project deserves it!
  15. hahaha thanks guys! I appreciate it!
  16. Indeed it did. It's been a while. It's nice to see this thing out of the shop and in the sun!!
  17. Oh an I got some good progress done last night, I got my door harnesses in and hooked up and now the windows, power mirror and door locks work and function properly. I'm very glad I got that done and finished. I was weary about the mirrors not working because I had to relocate the switch to the drivers door for the SN door panels but they work perfect, other than the screaming mirror motors. lol I also have the quarter windows installed as well.